How to Buy a Classic Ford Truck

Collectors and car enthusiasts alike can appreciate a classic Ford vehicle, and if you are looking at how to buy a classic Ford truck, you can easily find the resources to assist in your search. You will want to take into account model, year and color, as well as how far you are willing to travel before you make a decision on a vehicle.


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    Know more about classic Ford trucks before making a purchase decision.
    • F-Series stands for their line of full-size pickup trucks.
    • The L-Series was made from 1970 to 1998. It has a hexagonal grille and was manufactured in Ford's Louisville plant.
    • Ford has made their trucks in many countries including Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Netherlands, Philippines, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States. If you search internationally, these will be the countries that you have the best luck finding them in.
    • The oldest model Ford truck was created in 1908.
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    Begin with the local resources that you have available. Start with the newspaper classifieds by looking up both the personal ads as well as the car dealership advertisements. Finding your vehicle locally will help save you money on shipping or delivery costs.
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    Consider purchasing regionally by looking through the hard copy publications available at gas stations and convenience stores. They will usually be located in racks by the door, and purchasing your vehicle regionally will allow you to save on shipping or delivery costs as well.
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    Look at your vehicle options online. Expand your search by considering vehicles all across the nation.
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    Choose the Ford truck that you are interested in or narrow down your search to a few trucks.
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    Look up the value of the Ford truck, or trucks, that you are interested in by searching through the Kelley Blue Book. The Kelley Blue Book is a trusted vehicle valuation resource that can help you figure out a fair asking price of the truck that you want.
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    Make contact with the seller. Most vehicle transaction websites are only the middleman, so your negotiations will need to be made directly with the person selling the vehicle.
    • Figure out if the price is negotiable and settle on the cost. If the price is negotiable, start lower than the asking price and work your way to a happy middle.
    • Discuss the shipping, transport or delivery details. The seller might take the reigns and ship or deliver the Ford truck to you, or you may have to fly to the vehicle's location and drive it back.
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  • Make sure to discuss your new purchase with your car insurance agent. You want to discuss pricing on the additional insurance as well as who covers the vehicle's insurance while it is in transit. Make sure that both the buyer and seller are aware of who has coverage in case there is any damage in transit.

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