How to Buy a Carry On Bag

When traveling by airplane, it can be convenient to take a carry-on bag with you. An extra sweater, reading material, a change of clothes, an MP3 player and other necessities can travel with you during your flight when you pack them into an approved carry-on bag. However, with airline restrictions, it can be confusing as to what an acceptable size is for carry-on bags. Use these tips to learn how to buy the right carry-on bag for you.


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    Choose the right sized bag. Most airlines restrict total bag size to 45 inches (114.3 cm). This is the sum of the height, width and length of the bag. Keep in mind that when you place items in pockets and stuff the bag full, the size might exceed that limitation in bags that meet the restriction without being fully packed.
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    Select a bag that has lots of pockets, both on the inside and the outside. A bag that has many pockets allows you to stow away many smaller items that might get lost inside a bag with no pockets. These pockets should be zippered, especially if they are on the outside. Outside pockets are good for items you wish to easily access in the airport or on the plane.
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    Pick a bag that is roomy and has a large, open space for larger items you wish to take with you. A neatly folded change of clothes should fit into your bag.
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    Buy a bag that includes a wide shoulder strap that may adjust to your height. The shoulder strap should be comfortable for carrying purposes. The bag should also include a handle to grasp with your hand like a duffel bag.
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    Purchase a bag that is compatible to other luggage you own and plan to use. Your carry-on bag should hook onto or attach to your larger, wheeled bag for easier transportation to and in the airport.
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    Match the carry-on bag to the color and style of your other luggage. For instance, if your other luggage is soft-sided, the carry-on bag should be, too. Or, if you have hard-sided luggage, look for a similar carry-on. Purchase a carry-on bag that either matches or complements that colors or patterns of your other luggage.
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    Identify your carry-on bag by monogramming it or personalizing it so it easy to pick out among other bags.
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    Attach a luggage tag to your bag with your contact information on it. In the case that your bag is lost, the person finding it will be able to contact you.

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