How to Buy a Car On eBay Motors

EBay Motors is a section of the auction website in which people can buy and sell cars and trucks, as well as auto parts and accessories. If you want to buy a car on eBay Motors, you can use both of eBay's popular buying methods in the auction and the Buy it Now formats.


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    Register for an account on eBay if you do not have one already. Go to and click on "Register" near the top of the screen. Fill out all the information on the sections labeled "Tell us about yourself," "Choose your user ID and password" and "The not-so-fine print." Click "Continue," then check your email for the activation email to complete your registration.
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    Research the type of vehicle you want. Get a good idea of the features and the condition of the vehicle you want, and determine what the vehicle is worth. Get private party vehicle values from Kelley Blue Book by visiting
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    Search eBay motors for the vehicle you want by visiting and entering search terms in the search box and clicking "Search." Use the tools in the "Refine Search" sidebar on the left side of the screen to narrow the search results down to your preferences. Use the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the listing screen to sort by distance and view vehicles that are located in your area. Click on either the "Auctions only" or "Buy it Now only" tab to view auction vehicles or vehicles that you can purchase right away.
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    Choose a listing and read the description carefully. Check the attached vehicle history report and make sure it is up to the standards of the car you want to buy. Email or call the seller if you have any questions. Look at the seller's payment terms and make sure you agree to them before bidding or buying.
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    Enter a maximum bid and click "Place bid." Confirm your bid on the next page. If the listing is a Buy it Now listing, click "Buy it Now" on the listing page and confirm your selection on the next page. If you entered a maximum bid in an auction and were the high bidder after you confirmed your bid, you will need to be the high bidder at the time the auction ends to be the purchaser of the vehicle.
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    Contact the seller once the purchase is complete. Make arrangements to pay a deposit on the vehicle if the seller's payment terms required one. Also make the arrangements to travel to a location to pick up the vehicle and complete the sale. Some sellers will be willing to ship a vehicle to a buyer, but this is a rare occurrence on eBay Motors.

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