How to Buy a Badge Making Machine

Buttons and badges are great for identifying employees and event attendees or for displaying company, group or event logos, motivational or promotional slogans, or short, clever sayings. You can produce your own badges and buttons, for fun, for work or to start your own business by buying your own badge making machine. A number of companies offer their badge making machines online; here are things to consider before buying one.


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    Define your purpose for making badges. If you want to produce badges to identify the wearers, such as employees of a small company or attendees at an event, you probably want a badge making machine that produces rectangular badges. If you are making badges that will be worn day in and day out, you'll want to be able to laminate them. If you want to display logos or clever sayings, you probably want a badge making machine geared to producing round buttons.
    • Some badge making machines are capable of creating magnets as well as badges or buttons. Other badge making machines are capable of working with thicker photo-quality paper as well as regular bond paper.
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    Decide on the size of badge you want to create. Many badge making machines are designed to create a single size of badge, with common sizes ranging from 1 inch (2.5 centimeters) to 3 1/2 inches (8.75 centimeters). These machines come with a punch cutter to punch out paper in the size of badge the machine makes. Some badge making machines can handle multiple badges sizes; these usually come with an adjustable rotary paper cutter. (Rotary cutters may require more maintenance than punch cutters.)
    • If you plan to make more than 1 size of badge, you may want to buy 2 badge making machines, each geared to a different size, instead of 1. That way, you can switch between sizes without having to take time to change out dyes for one badge size with another.
    • Some manufacturers use their own proprietary badge and button sizes different from those considered "industry standard." If you plan to buy more than 1 badge making machine, choose machines that are compatible with each other.
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    Look for a user-friendly design. If you plan to make a lot of badges, you want a badge making machine designed to let you make a number of badges at a sitting without tipping over or wearing you out. Look for a compact badge making machine with a wide base that puts its handle in easy reach and doesn't wobble or tip when you pull the handle down. You may also want a lightweight, portable badge making machine if you don't have a permanent place set up to make badges or want to make badges on site for an event.
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    Look for durable construction. If you plan to make a lot of badges, you don't want the machine to break in the middle of producing them. Look for all-metal construction in the badge making machine and support components.
    • Going hand-in-hand with the unit's construction is the warranty the manufacturer gives it. A multiple-year or even lifetime warranty shows the manufacturer's confidence in its materials and workmanship.
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    Look at the equipment the company offers with the badge making machine. In addition to dyes and paper cutters, your badge making machine should come with a reasonable amount of button and badge parts. Software and clip art to make your own designs may be included with your badge making machine, or may be available separately.
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    Look at the instructional support the manufacturer provides in making buttons and badges. Some badge making machines are designed to make the button and badge making process as simple as possible. Even so, the manufacturer should provide the means to instruct you in how to use your machine and suggest projects to use it for. This can take the form of an instructional CD or DVD, streaming videos, an online user forum or a Web site or blog on which users can share their ideas and experiences with one another.
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    Look at your budget. Although overall quality of equipment, materials and support should be the most important factors when buying a badge making machine, you may not be able to afford a top-of-the-line package. If you're on a limited budget, your best approach is to rank all the machines in terms of quality and buy as far up the line as you can afford.
    • Be sure to factor in costs for additional badge and button blanks if you plan to start a button-making business or just simply plan to make a lot of badges. A good initial bargain on the machine itself may not be such a bargain if you have to spend more on button blanks and other materials than if you'd gone with a different company that charged more for the machine but less for supporting materials.


  • 3.Don't crowd your design with too many elements
  • 1.Have a short sharp message
  • When creating button badges, choose easy-to-read fonts and simple clip art images that don't lose detail when reduced to a size appropriate for the badge.
  • 2.Use simple images
  • Six Tips for a Great Design
  • 4.Fonts should be a minimum of 8pts
  • 6.Proof your design. Print your design and check any spelling!
  • 5.Use strong contrast between foreground and background

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