How to Buy a Baby Bath

When you're bathing your baby, you have to be extra careful to make sure he or she is safe at all times; a baby bath is perfect for helping you do so. There are bathtubs available at all price points. Some are fancy, while others are utilitarian. No matter what kind of bathtub you purchase for your baby, safety should be your primary concern. You need to have the best information before you buy a bath for your baby.


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    Decide where you'll bathe the baby.
    • Most baby tubs are made of lightweight plastic and are easily portable so that you can use them just about anywhere. If your bathroom has a bathtub then you could use a baby bathtub that is designed to sit inside a conventionally sized tub. If your bathroom is small, then you might need to consider purchasing a tub that fits inside a large sink, like a kitchen sink.
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    Buy an age appropriate tub.
    • Newborns require extra special care while being bathed due to their limited neck and head control. Contoured tubs, those that are slightly angled, allow Baby to relax in a slightly inclined position. Newborns can also be bathed in a newborn mesh sling that can be placed inside a regular sized baby tub. These slings prevent Baby from moving around and keep them safe while you bathe them.
    • After they are about 6 months old, or when they can sit unassisted, there are a whole other variety of tubs available to them. These tubs range from simple to fancy.
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    Consider the type of tub.
    • There are a variety of baby tub designs on the market. 1 such design has a crotch post, which keeps your baby from slipping forward into the water. This is for babies who need assistance sitting. They are never, however, to be used without supervision.
    • Folding tubs are tubs that either collapse, or slide in on themselves to become more compact. If you're short on space, or travel frequently, this could be a good option. Baby will outgrow this tub at about 6 months.
    • Spa tubs are on the market for your baby's bathing pleasure. These tubs can come equipped with button activated shower heads, and battery-operated spa motors to create swirling water and bubbles.
    • Sink tubs are more of a sink insert than a stand alone tub. These contoured plastic tubs are designed to fit over, or in a sink. They safely cradle your child while you bathe them.
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    Consider the cost.
    • Most simple tubs will be fairly inexpensive, especially compared with the high-end spa baby tub models. Tubs that come with a mesh sling insert may be slightly more expensive, but you don't then have the added cost of having to purchase something for an infant. Tubs that can be converted from a newborn tub to an infant tub will be the most economical, because then you need to only buy 1 tub, as opposed to 2.


  • Always read the manufacturer's instructions before using any new baby product.
  • Never leave a baby in any amount of water, unattended.
  • Avoid purchasing inflatable rings, inflatable tubs or tubs that are meant to sit on a counter top. Sturdy tubs are always best, and always use them on the floor, inside a regular tub or as designed, in a sink.

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