How to Bunker an Opponent in Paintball

Bunkering is a key part of your paint-ball strategy. Bunkering takes place when you run up to an opponent and shoot him from behind his bunker. It is a wonderful way to clear a side of a field or take out a very annoying opponent so your team will be able to advance and take down the rest of the opposing team.


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    Assess the situation. You don't want to bunker unless it is for a good reason. If the other team still has three or more people in, there is a good chance you will be shot before you make it to the opponent's bunker. You want to bunker when:
    • The other team has one or two guys left and your team has more than that and you want to look cool and have something to brag about to your friends
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    • You have nothing to lose (e.g. you are low on paint, you are low on gas, or your team is going to lose so you might as well bring down as many as you can with you)
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    • Someone is noobing in a bunker and not coming out and you're wasting ammo and gas getting them out.
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    Now that you are sure you should bunker, it's time to convey that to your teammates (if any). Try not to convey this verbally as the other team might hear it, and if they know it's coming, you're dead. Instead, create a signal and have your team spread it throughout the field to everyone. Then convey which bunker you're taking out or if you're going to clear the field.
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    Have your teammates hold the target(s) down with suppressive fire. Once the other team is in their bunkers, jump out of yours and run. Then when you think you can't go any faster, run some more. Try to make as little noise as you can without sacrificing speed. When you reach the target(s) light them up as much as you can until you can see obvious breaks on the target(s). If you are trying to play "fair", remember it only takes 1 hit to get someone out; however, if you are playing in a tournament, the added intimidation factor of covering someone head-to-toe in paint from point-blank range will give your team a psychological advantage. If you did not get shot by your target(s) either drop into the nearest bunker and continue attacking normally from your great new angle or proceed to bunker the rest of your opponents. Choose one depending on whether your opponents realize what you're doing and whether they start attacking you. If you're under fire, take the bunker; if you're still safe, take some more guys out.


  • Get your team to advance as the other team is worried about their player getting bunkered. There's nothing better than the other team not knowing where your players are.
  • Try to bunker with a purpose, like to clear a side of the field or take out a key player on the other team. That way even if you die, your team will be given a massive upper hand and be able to advance and crush the remaining opponents.
  • If the other team doesn't know where your players are, snap shoot! This will keep them unaware of where you are.
  • Only bunker if people don't know where you are.
  • In woodsball only bunker if it is absolutely necessary. Attacking a fortification is a big no-no in every tactical guide/book/mind. Due to the small bunkers speedball bunkering is way easier.
  • Wear padded clothing so that if you get hit the paint will bounce off and not break and you will still be in the game.
  • Unless you are low on paint, give suppressive fire too at the guy you're bunkering.
  • A variation on this is if your team outnumbers the other team and it's very probable that you will win, you can have your entire team come out and, while running, give the suppressive fire as all of you bunker the other team at once. This is a good way to:
    • Make your team look good.
    • End the game fast before time, gas or paint runs out.
  • when you get to the bunker do not lean over and shoot in. lift your gun up and shoot in and then sweep to the side and continue shooting.


  • There's a good chance that, when you bunker someone, you will get them out, but will also hit you. Try to bunker only when your team is ahead. Take someone with you so that if you go down, they will be able to take care of the rest.
  • As always, proper safety gear should be worn and maintained.
  • When you come up to bunker someone, try to aim lower than you would normally when shooting from behind your own bunker. This is because you will be in close range and they will usually be crouching down. There have been instances in which people miss the person they are trying to bunker because they aimed too high.
  • Aiming low also gives you a better chance of your paint breaking on your enemy.
  • Try to aim for their harness.

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