How to Bunker (Charging) in Airsoft

Bunkering is when someone shoots another person by charging at their cover. This tactic is a CQB tactic used in recreation and rarely used in real life (some cases). This is an advanced and risky tactic for airsoft and paintball.


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    Find your target, the target should usually be alone or out numbered (by your teammates).
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    Make sure the target doesn't know your going to charge him.
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    Tell your teammates so they can suppress the enemy thus making charging less risky.
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    Go fast but not too fast and be aware in case he sees you. Once far enough walk (fast) around the target in a circle motion while constantly firing to make sure you got him. When on the other side of the target regroup with your team or advance for your team (whatever is best).
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    After the process reload and get ready for the rest of the game.


  • Be aware of what's around you because there might be snipers watching\guarding him.
  • Stay outside the Minimum engagement distance.
  • You can have multiple teammates charge different targets simultaneously.
  • Be also aware that it could be a trap.
  • Have your team cover you.
  • Use a fast gun with a good amount of ammo.
  • Make sure you got the target or he could shoot you.
  • Make sure other enemies won't be able to get you.


  • Don't get charged yourself
  • Follow all your local airsoft laws
  • Don't get too close and shoot him.

Things You'll Need

  • Ammo
  • Airsoft gun
  • Eye protection

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