How to Build Great Arms

Nothing beats a muscular and toned set of arms. They are a man's pride. They give you confidence and send the right message. Protruding veins in the forearms show strength and look sexy. Here is a perfect way to get the arms that guarantee attention and make you feel great. First of all, it doesn't matter if you have really bulked up arms or chicken arms ( sorry, no offence) they just need to be worked on accordingly.If you have been doing weights for a while, I am very sure you understand the importance of doing power sets for arms. They are really important. Start off with heavy weights for biceps and triceps( lets say 40-44 pounds). Even if you can only do two reps, that's fine- try to gradually increase it. The above mentioned weights are not for beginners. Some experience in arms training will do.


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    Do the reps slowly with proper form.
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    Do at least three sets with a dumbbell. Then drop the weight to half and do as many reps until you hit failure (remember the exercise has to be done slowly and with proper form). If it hurts, keep going and stay calm- you are forcing your biceps to grow.
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    Do the same for forearm workout. Start off heavy and then cut the weight in half and do at least three sets until you hit failure.
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    Do all four exercises (hammer curls for biceps and triceps, barbell curls, forearm lifts and forearm curls).
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    Do three sets each and cut the weight in half after first three sets. When doing heavy higher reps aren't that important but try to do as many as you can with proper form. After cutting the weight in half, push yourself to the limit and do all exercises until failure.
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  • Keep yourself hydrated during the workout. Don't be surprised if you have drank 1.5 liters (0.4 US gal) of water in the first 30 minutes of workout.
  • It is a safe but crash arm workout programme- high protein intake(i.e at least 8 egg whites immediately after workout) and rest are really important.
  • If you do all the exercises in the fashion mentioned in this article- treat yourself with at least 8 boiled egg whites immediately after your workout. Having them prepared beforehand is a plus, because that is when your muscles are in dire need of proteins. You have forced your arms to the limit, egg whites are really important.
  • Since you are training biceps, triceps and forearms all in the same day at least give two days of rest.
  • Don't do any arm exercises for at least two days.

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