How to Build Barber Shop Clientele

Are left standing alone in your endeavor to make a customer, but are not sure which direction to go in? Are you approachable, Can you deal with the general public, open for constructive or non constructive criticism? If you can not identify with none of the aforementioned, then you may not be barber material; because it is a real hustle, especially if you are new to this line of business. Be open for rejection, because it is inevitable. Here's an article on how to build barber shop clientele.


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    You'll need to decide if dealing with people is just the right thing for you and if not, then, this business is not for you. You will ultimately need to find your niche.
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    Find the best location. Location is key to profound success, while building clientele. Have your best grand opening possible.
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    Know what keeps your clients happy. Your barbering capability is essential to this endeavor as well. As fast as you build clientele; you can lose them just as fast. So you have to know how to keep your clients happy too!
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    Get a listing in the yellow book, or in your local newspaper, thirty nickel, green sheet, use business cards, flyers. Flyers are very good sources to market your business. This should apply to those who are self employed, or independent contractors.
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    Sponsor your locals. Your high school football team, a rotary club, college alumni, etc. And always look your best! This gives the customer a sense of what the environment may look like if they decide that they want to give you a shot at make business with them.
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    Keep marketing material with you at all times. And when you encounter a human life, you should briefly sell yourself getting that potential customer to like you and present them one of your business card, or some available marketing material. Always greet your potential customers with a smile and handshake.


  • Always try to style your own hair, or represent to the potential customer that you are the best that you say that you are and also too, carry a portfolio with some pictures of your own work if possible. This will help a great deal too.
  • Offer a free sample of whatever it is that you are trying to sell. And that is yourself. Sell more of yourself and everything else will fall into profit!


  • Never force your services onto people, as too, this can cause problems for you. Approach everyone with caution; consider if they are at a disadvantage; they may be mute or deaf.
  • Never approach a person from behind without letting them know that you are there.

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