How to Build a Westfield (Mazda Sdv)

This article describes how to build the Westfield Sports car kit car model which is based on a Mazda MX-5 (also known as a Miata or Eunos in various markets).


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    Locate donor vehicle. An MX-5 is required to provide the necessary donor parts. A crash damaged/insurance write-off will usually provide the cheapest option. Check the list under "Strip donor vehicle" to ensure the donor has all the necessary parts in un-damaged state. The kit provided by Westfield was originally intended for an NA model (pop-up headlights). Later models (NB and NC) can be used although some additional modification/steps will have to be made.
  2. 2
    Strip donor vehicle. The following items are required:
    • Engine and Gearbox - complete with inlet track & exhaust manifold and lambda sensor
    • Airbox and air flow meter and both pieces of pipe work and retaining clips and Airbox mounting rubbers
    • Complete wiring loom, Ecu, fuse boxes, dashboard switches, clutch pedal switch, sensors and relays (NOTE: Label every connection when disconnecting for ease of reconnecting)
    • Instrument panel cluster
    • Upper steering column including steering wheel, crash pad, indicator stalks, ignition barrel and key and top and bottom cowl
    • Lower steering column (needs to come to WSC for modification)
    • Diff and Casing complete with rubber mounting bushes and buffer plates
    • Rear uprights, hubs, discs and calipers including top upright rubber bush still fitted
    • Handbrake lever and cables, compensator and all fittings including retaining spring clips
    • Steering rack track rod end joints and nuts
    • Front uprights, hubs, discs and calipers
    • Wheels and tyres and wheel nuts
    • Propshaft (needs modifying but not by WSC)
    • Driveshafts including joints, lock nuts and hub nuts
    • Front bottom ball joints including castle nuts
    • Horns;
    • Cooling Fan
    • Side Repeaters
    • Fuel filter and bracket
    • Carbon Canister, pipe work and mounting bracket
    • Catalyst converter
    • Interior mirror
    • Screen washer bottle and pump
    • Battery and mounting tray including clamp and fixings
    • As many nuts, bolts and fasteners as you can save
  3. 3
    Label everything, especially wiring.
  4. 4
    Order a "Starter" kit. There are a number of options available. The following are recommended for new builders:
    • Powder coating chassis
    • Exterior panels
    • Fit riv nuts
    • Chassis stands.
  5. 5
    Collect "Starter" kit. Unless you have a lot of storage space it is recommended you do not collect the outer body. If the full kit is being collected, a van will be required, e.g. Transit. If the kit is being collected without the outer body, a large estate with roof rack can be used.
  6. 6
    Paint chassis. If the chassis was ordered without the powder coating option, the chassis will be in bare steel and will require painting with a good exterior metal paint.
  7. 7
    Fit body panels.
  8. 8
    Fit pedals
  9. 9
    Fit brake & clutch master cylinders
  10. 10
    Fit brake pipes
  11. 11
    Order "Completion" kit
  12. 12
    Collect "Completion" kit
  13. 13
    Fit fuel pipes
  14. 14
    Modify/fit rear wiring loom
  15. 15
    Fit rear suspension
  16. 16
    Fit differential, drive shafts & rear uprights
  17. 17
    Fit front suspension & uprights
  18. 18
    Fit steering rack
  19. 19
    Fit engine & gearbox
  20. 20
    Fit prop-shaft
  21. 21
    Fit air-box
  22. 22
    Fit steering column
  23. 23
    Fit radiator & fan
  24. 24
    Fit fuel system
  25. 25
    Fit handbrake
  26. 26
    Fit windscreen washer bottle
  27. 27
    Fit horn
  28. 28
    Fit tunnel top panels
  29. 29
    Fit seat-belts
  30. 30
    Modify/fit main wiring loom
  31. 31
    Fit bodywork
  32. 32
    Fit battery & battery tray

Things You'll Need

  • Tools Required:
  • Combination spanners: Metric & Imperial
  • Socket set: Metric & Imperial
  • Toque wrench: 0 to 100 lb ft, to 250 lb ft
  • Drill bits: 5/32”, 3/16”, 5.16”
  • Allen keys: Metric
  • Socket drive Allen keys: 6mm, 8mm
  • Circlip pliers: Internal & External
  • Taps: ½” UNF, M18 x 1.5mm
  • Hole cutters: 1¼”, 1½” (45mm), 2”
  • Pop riveter
  • Pipe bending tool
  • Riv nut fixing kit
  • Electric drill
  • 12" hacksaw
  • Engineering hammer
  • Centre punch
  • Hide hammer
  • G clamps: min 2
  • Bench vice
  • Screwdrivers: Flat & Phillips
  • File: Round & Flat
  • Tape Measure
  • Metal cutters
  • Consumables:
  • Copper Slip
  • Silicone Sealant

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