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Ever since the creation of the internet by Tim Berners Lee, there has also been evolved a thing called websites- a page with text and pictures (in the beginning) and now adding more capabilities like social networking, watching videos, downloading, etc. After the 20th anniversary of the internet, the internet now has millions and millions of websites. Every business and individuals (the VIP ones) have websites today. So it's obvious for you build an website for a DJ. Building a website for a DJ is just like building any other websites on the internet. All you need to do is add a little DJ enthusiasm to the website and you're done. Just follow the given steps below and get started.


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    Brainstorm your ideas.
    • Think what are the things that you want the website to have under it's belly. Think about the contents to be published out there: the latest news from the DJ, his performances, his/her awards, an image (as well as video) gallery about the DJ. There's a lot to think so just think think think and think BIG!!!
    • Think different. Visit some other DJ websites and gain inspirations from those websites and steal ideas from those websites too. remember "Good artists burrow, Greater artists steal". Don't imitate other websites, show your own creativity to the world.
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    After brainstorming your ideas you now need to bring your 'DJ website' to life. Just go to any web domain registration sites to register a domain name. There are several domain registration sites like , , etc. Of course, these domain registration sites will ask for money to register a domain but also has a free domain registration system which lacks some features.
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    You'll also need to buy some web space on the internet. Web space is the amount of data on the server which a website occupies. Your website will be needing a web space because of the codes and pics that you're going to put on your DJ website. Some sites that gives web spaces are , ,
    • If your website just has some information and pictures (and videos ) of the DJ then you'll need very little space, say like 10MB-2GB but if it's a large website of the DJ with forums and games where users can sign up in your DJ website the space will eventually increase.
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    Now it's time to construct your website.
    • If you are a web developer and have a very good knowledge of technologies like HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, MySQL then just start coding. Remember, it's just a DJ website not a whole social network or a search engine you are creating. It will take about a week if you work hard.
    • For the ones who are a total dummy in web development, fear not, all you have to do is find a web developer and tell him/her to create the website for you. Tell him/her your ideas about the website. Be sure to meet your web developer every day to see how he's been working on you website. If you don't like his designs tell him to make it more nice. You can stay with the web developer when he's creating the website too.
    • If you don't want to pay any money to the web developer but still want your site on the internet then no problem. Many web hosting sites mentioned above have a free (as well as premium) web site builders. That means you don't have to code a single word. All you have to do is drag and drop the features you want in the website and edit them. Pretty simple. You can always use services like , to make your website more awesome. However, getting a web developer to do the job maybe the best option.
    • This website can also be used to create a website for a DJ as this website claims that 'we specialize in designing unique and custom DJ websites'. So why not give it a try.
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    Update your website.
    • It's very important to update the information and photos in the website after the website is online so that it's more interactive. You can update easily by just editing the codes (if a web developer) or edit in the web site builder (if not a web developer). If you want the same visitors visiting the website, you'll need to update it more often.
    • Upgrade to modern web technologies. Ask your web developer (or the web hosting service) to make the website an HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP5, featured website. Using the modern technologies will make your website more awesome, good looking and clean.
    • Don't forget to add a 'Contact Us' page on the website so that the visitors can have freedom to contact the DJ for some queries.
    • If the DJ has connection to social medias like facebook , twitter, google+, pinterest, then be sure to keep the links to these websites on that website too. It'll be just awesome.
    • If the DJ is a big celebrity, and has fans all around the globe it would be a very nice addition to add a forum to the website where the fans can interact with other fans.
    • Add all sorts of interactivity like Widgets, Latest tweets (from the DJ), comments on posts, etc.


  • Just by making a simple website for a DJ doesn't well cut it. You must a very good web designer too or get your web designer to design a great website,
  • It's very important to update the website.
  • You must a very good knowledge of color stabilization too. Since a DJ works in a place filled with all sorts of colorful lights, add that sense of real world theme to that website.

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