How to Build a Rolly Chair Maze

Two Parts:Building the mazePlaying rolly chair maze

How would you like to learn how to build and play in an easy, fun classroom game just by maneuvering a few desks and chairs. In the push 'em-pull' em rolly chair maze, you must push your teammate around obstacles and and through the maze to capture the flag. Sounds easy right? The only twist, you have to do it blindfolded.

Part 1
Building the maze

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    Take all of the desks and chairs in a classroom. Push them to one side of the room. This will make it easier to plan out the maze. Once pushed off to the side, start to place desks in a checker pattern (see the image for this step). Next, push a few the desks to make a straight line and start to create the turns.
    Put desks on white.
    • Make the turns by connecting the desks at the corner to start building in another line.
    • Maneuver the desks to create a simple yet fun maze. When you run out of desks, resort to putting chairs in the open places.
    • Have the starting opening on one side and the end right adjacent to it (as best as you can).
  2. 2
    Take the two rolling chairs and place the bandanna on top of them. Set the chairs out in the hallway against the wall so that the contestants can see the chairs that they are going to be writing on or maneuvering from. This is a good marketing technique and it will draw people in to play the game.
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    Consider using building material alternatives, if needed. If you would like to set up the maze with tables or large chairs, that works but it is easiest to use the things that you have in the classroom. Other materials you could use are card tables and folding tables, if this is done at a large event. If it is in a small classroom, and you would prefer to do it outside, use card tables again and make sure that they are placed on the blacktop or concrete. That way, the chairs are still able to roll. You can use almost any type of roadblock to set up the maze.

Part 2
Playing rolly chair maze

  1. 1
    Pick the roles. Before the players walk in, they must decide who will be pushing the chair through the maze and who will be guiding him/her. The person pushing should know that they are going to be blindfolded as soon as, if not before, they walk in.
    • Note to leader: It is best to explain the rules at this point so that they both have a good idea of the game before they walk in. It will be a little easier that way.
  2. 2
    Play. When the contestants walk in, one will already be blindfolded and the other will carefully lead them and the chair to the start of the maze. Once there, player 1 (with the blindfold) will stand behind the chair ready to push it while player 2 (without the blindfold) will sit criss-cross on top of the chair. Player 2 must stay like this for the entire game. If he/she reaches out to help his/her partner along, they must stop and wait for 5 seconds before continuing. If player 1 takes off the blindfold or starts to feel around the desks rather than taking directions from his or her partner, then player 1 must also stop for 5 seconds before moving on.
  3. 3
    Make use of instructions. When the leader says "GO" player 1 will put his or her hands on the back of the chair and push the rolling chair into the maze. During this time, the sitting partner will instruct the blindfolded one through the maze and the leader will start the stopwatch. He/ she can use words like turn right 90 degrees, turn left 90 degrees, forward two steps, backwards one, and so forth.
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    Take it in turns. Only one set of partners will go through at a time and the other team will wait outside. They will be called in after the first group has finished. When they finish, the second set will be let in and will have their turn to try the maze. On the other hand, the team currently in the maze must make it all the way through grab the flag turn around and make it back before the stopwatch can stop. The goal is to have the fastest time with the least amount of penalties.
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    If the pairs time is in the top three times write it on the white board with the marker and erase the slower time until it is once again only three times on the board. If the contestants would like, they can add their names atop the time. At the end of the competition, the top three pairs get candy or another suitable small reward. Third place gets one piece, second place gets two, and first place gets three pieces.


  • Create dead ends and u-turns for an extra challenge.
  • To make it easier just do a few turns.
  • Choose a good partner that listens to directions.
  • Find someone that you work well.
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  • There are many kids with food allergies nowadays so try to stay away from chocolaty candy or candy that contains nuts, dairy/soy, or gluten. Indeed, a reward other than candy may be preferred.
  • Ensure that the game is played with care.
  • Running into things will slow you down.
  • If player 2's feet touch the ground even a little bit, you will have to stop.
  • If you take your hands off the chair, the leader may make you stop.

Things You'll Need

  • 1 large classroom
  • 30- 40 classroom desks
  • 30-40 class room chairs
  • 2 rolling chairs (see below)
  • 2 bandannas
  • 4 contestants split into two teams of two (per round)
  • A stopwatch
  • A large whiteboard and whiteboard marker
  • 1 large bag of candy
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