How to Build a Profitable List Using Email Marketing

Internet marketing is a necessity for every company that has an online presence. Before you can make considerable sales on the internet, you must advertise your product or services. That is not all, you must able to build up trust and able to lure potential customers to your website before they can purchase products and services. One of the ways to do this effectively is by building an email list. It is a method of gathering potential customer's email addresses through an autoresponder using different incentives such as providing free e-book, free report and training courses. In this article, how to build a profitable list will be discussed.


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    The first thing to do when building a list is to set up an autoresponder service. There are companies that assist in sending bulk email messages to subscribers. Some of them are free and some charges few dollars on a yearly or monthly basis. Autosresponder service works by sending emails to anyone who subscribes to the list. Most often, the user would have written messages scheduled for delivery and save it on the service, so that as soon as the person subscribes the email messages. It will start going out to the email address provided. This is needed to capture email addresses for marketing purposes.
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    The second and most important step after registering and written email messages on an autoresponder service is to provide freebies for customers who subscribed to the service. This is to entice them to sign up, because on average, people would not normally do so, except the subject is of utmost importance. Since everyone loves free things, it will actually propel them to sign up. One of the things that can be offered for free is a free report. You can compile a high quality report about your product or service that will be of interest to subscribers. You can gather some private label rights, edit them and package it as a free report. The same goes for a free e-book. But in this case, it will have more number of pages than a report. A report is normally from 7 - 10 pages, while an e-book can go from 10-2000 pages as you desire. Another thing that can be offered for free is an email course. You can train subscribers on a certain aspect of your product or service. However, when using free incentives like the above mentioned, it is important to give out credible and high quality information so that the subscribers will want to get more of it by coming back to the website.
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    In conclusion, email list is a very valuable tool to use in making more money in internet marketing. You keep sending mails as long as the subscribers do not object it and you can use it to sell as many products as you want.


  • Subscribe email marketing system from reliable retailer E.g like Aweber or Auto response

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  • A squeeze page to capture leads

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