How to Build a Playground for Baby Chickens

Baby chicks are cute, lets face it, but they're even cuter when you see them playing! Not only will this article tell you how to build a playground for chicks, it will tell you how to make a fun and safe one for them!


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    Make a small wood house for them to walk in and out of. Put some comfy shavings or straw in there as a bedding, some food, and maybe a little mobile at the ceiling. Don't make it look too scary to them- just tie a few simple pieces of straw, a few small pieces of ribbon, and maybe a small bell to a string or a piece of yarn. You can even paint the wooden house from blue to red to green-get creative! Your chicks will love it! They will be sleeping in here every night so make sure it's a very nice place to be!
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    Put a small ramp for them to fly off of. Chicks love to flap their wings, and a ramp will fit that requirement just right! Don't do it too high, though! They could hurt themselves when they hit the ground, this is because chicks can't fly yet but it's good for them to try at a young age. Also, make sure they will land on soft grass, soft shavings, or something soft so they won't hurt themselves. You can get creative and make it like an airplane's takeoff ramp. If you do get creative, it will take you far.
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    Make a swing perch for them. Tie a chain around a piece of metal, hang it up somewhere low, and you're complete! This is a nice place for them to rest.


  • It warrants being said again - get creative! Be unique! It'll take you pretty far and your chicks will love you and their new playground!


  • Don't make the perch too high. They may fall and injure themselves.
  • When setting up the ramp, make it towards soft grass. You can severely injure your chicks if it lands on gravel, firewood, or other hard substances.

Things You'll Need

  • Wood
  • Ribbon and a bell (Optional)
  • Food and water dishes
  • Thin Metal bar(s)
  • Chains
  • Chicks

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