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How to Build a Planter Box from Pallets

If you can find some pallets, or you have some laying around from a move or shipment, turn them into planters that will last for years. You can even find them online for free, or purchase them for very little.


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    Refer to the plan for for dimensions and details.[1]
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    Find free pallets from Craigslist. If not available, you can purchase them locally for very little money. When searching through the pallet stack, look for the pallets with the most usable wood. The length of the slats is ~ 3 feet (0.9 m). The thickness varies from ½ to ¾ thick. The width of the slats can vary from 2.5 to 6 inches (6.4 to 15.2 cm).
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    Deconstruct the pallets. Breaking the pallets apart takes a decent amount of work. Use a jig or circular saw to cut the ends. Pry the wood from the center support. This should give you 8 to 14 boards per pallet. Remove nails from slats.
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    Select your wood. Before you start cutting, determine the best pieces to get the desired width (see drawing). If you have multiple long pieces with cracks and/or damage down one side, you can cut the damage off and still have usable pieces.
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    Cut wood and sand. After cutting the pieces, sand them with course sandpaper to remove rough spots or major staining/paint…unless that is your desired look.
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    Assemble top frame (nail and glue).
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    Assemble bottom platform (nail and glue).
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    Ready for next step.
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    Attach the sides to the top frame and bottom platform (nail & glue).
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    Attach trim. Attach the side trim to the upper sides (nail and glue). Attach the top trim (nail and glue).
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    Finish as desired. This version shown is finished with red oak stain and coated with an outdoor urethane.
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    Final product!

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