How to Build a Model Horse Stall

Four Parts:Preparing the woodAssembling the horse stallMaking the stall doorFinishing up

A model horse stall for your toy horses or horse models can be made easily from balsa wood, craft sticks or even twigs. You'll need to make the measurements sufficient for the size of your model horses, then cut the pieces to size before putting the whole project together. Once completed, you can decorate the horse stall as wished.

Part 1
Preparing the wood

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    Choose the wood you'll use for this project. It can be balsa wood, craft sticks, twigs or small pieces of scrap wood. You'll also need plywood or similar wood for the base.
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    Take the measurements for the stall. Basically, aim for a rectangular shape, with longer sides and shorter front and back ends.
    • Measure both length and width for the stall against the model horse you intend to display or house inside the stall. Leave sufficient room for the horse and a little space around it, including a spot for a model haynet or bucket, with which to "feed" the horse.
    • The side lengths should be as long as the entire length of the stall, including the poles.
    • The end width lengths should be able to be glued to the poles as well, without overlapping into the side lengths.
    • Measure for a door at the front width of the stall. This should be able to reach both front poles, so that it has something to hang from and something to close onto.
    • Also decide how high the stall is to be. It should be no higher than where your horse's neck begins, so that its head can be seen over the top of the stall. The poles used on each corner of the stall should measure about another quarter above the stall height. The poles can be made from dowel or use four thicker twigs of equal thickness each.
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    Using the measurements you've taken, cut the wood pieces to the appropriate lengths.
    • Cut both the four side poles and both sides and end pieces. Remember to cut the poles about a quarter a length higher than the side height of the stall.
    • Also cut a base piece of wood for the stall pieces to rest on. This can be cut from plywood or some other sheet wood that is strong and reasonably slim.
    • If using craft sticks, there may be no need to cut the side pieces, just the end pieces, poles and base.

Part 2
Assembling the horse stall

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    Glue four corner posts in place first. Measure out the shape of the stall on the base piece. Mark where the four posts go, then glue them firmly to the base. Wait for them to adhere fully before proceeding.
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    Glue the side pieces onto the outer edges of the poles. Starting at the base, glue the wood lengths to two side poles. Repeat, stacking upward until the desired height has been reached. Then repeat on the other side.
    • While it's nice to try to avoid leaving gaps as you glue, if you're using twigs, this will be harder to do, so just go with whichever twigs like to stack on top of other twigs and accept that there will be gaps.
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    Move to the back end of the stall. Glue the pieces of wood in place at the back, again starting from the base and working upward. You may need to shave a little more off these pieces if your measurements weren't exact enough to account for the side pieces.

Part 3
Making the stall door

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    Make the stall door. This is easiest made from craft sticks but balsa wood or twigs will work too. If you need to cut the craft sticks to a short height, do so before making the door; the horse's head should sit over the top of the door.
    • Using the width measurement for the front, lay craft sticks across in a row.
    • Lay one craft stick across the top of the row of craft sticks.
    • Lay another craft stick across the base.
    • Lay another craft stick diagonally between both the top and bottom sticks, to form either a Z or an S shape.
    • Glue the three pieces into place, carefully making sure that the row pieces are firmly together without gaps.
    • Allow to dry.
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    Attach the door piece to one of the front poles using small hinges. This will enable you to open and shut the door. On the other side, attach a small latch and tiny nail (use a jewelry finding) to keep the door attached. Alternatively, use a thumbtack and make a loop from string or an elastic to keep the door attached to the pole––stick the thumbtack on the pole, pushing it almost all the way in but not completely and attach the loop part to the door. The loop should attach around the thumbtack to close.

Part 4
Finishing up

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    Decorate if wished. Perhaps paint the stall or paint the horse's name on the stall's door. Or, you could paint little designs here and there, such as flowers, letters or spots.
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    Done. You can now put the horse's stall on display or use if for play. Don't forget to put the model horse inside!


  • If you have little experience modeling or cutting wood, ask someone who does know how to do these things to assist you.


  • Use all appropriate caution when cutting wood.

Things You'll Need

  • Small wood pieces, such as scrap wood, balsa wood, twigs, craft sticks, etc.
  • Plywood or similar for the base
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Pencil for making measurement markings
  • Craft knife or similar for cutting wood
  • Cutting mat
  • Wood glue
  • Tiny hinges (check dollhouse supplies)
  • jewelry finding or thumbtack and string/elastic loop
  • Paint suitable for wood, for decoration (optional)
  • Paintbrush (optional)

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