How to Build a Good Team for Business Success

Two Parts:Choosing a location for team buildingSetting up team building exercises

Team building is a great way to enhance cooperation, interaction and performance within your business or company. Building a good team that can help to ensure business success requires setting aside time to focus specifically on team building exercises. This can be done as part of a hideaway or conference held off-site, in order to get away from the routine and interruptions being in the workplace usually bring. Even one day spent on team building can bring excellent results, and is a worthwhile investment of your business's time and money.

Part 1
Choosing a location for team building

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    Choose a suitable location to get your work team out of the office and into a completely different environment. There are various types of places that can be held to promote team building. The most common place involves using a hotel, resort or conference facility. You could also choose to go to a natural feature such as a park or reserve or go to an adventure park or resort where challenging activities are included.
    • Note that the type of facility or place that you're using will shape the team building exercises you're able to choose. Indoor environments, for example, will require smaller exercises, while outdoor environments can include obstacle courses, orienteering challenges and GPS scavenger hunts.

Part 2
Setting up team building exercises

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    Choose problem solving exercises that require teamwork. For instance, a management team could be offered a basket of different items (tape, scissors, cardboard, tubing, etc.) and be asked to use the items to move an object such as a raw egg from one place to another. It sounds simple, but the use of specifics on how to achieve the outcome is what makes it interesting and requires teamwork to be effective. The facilitator of the session may impose restrictions, such as prohibiting speech or requiring that all team members remain a minimum of three feet from the object at all times. These specifications are essential to motivate the needed connection in the team and to make sure that every person in the team gets involved in addressing the trouble provided.
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    If team building retreat occurs outdoors, use the space to your advantage. You might require that the team get involved in a lot more physical activity over a duration of numerous days. (Some companies even require their job teams to engage in a yearly resort at site that is specifically developed to suit more extreme kinds of physical exercises.) An example of this that is often used is a ropes or obstacle course that require all participants of the team to do as a group. Some obstacles may require balance, strength and strategic problem solving to negotiate successfully, and the team must evaluate the best method to relocate all participants via the program. Every team will have a variety of skills and abilities, so the most valuable aspect of a ropes program is to encourage honest evaluation of resources, and then to create a successful action plan that takes into account the strengths and weaknesses of all employee.
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    Ensure that the messages gained are more than just about getting out of work for a bit. The activities in a team building retreat are not merely an isolated day of fun. As the facilitator of the refuge, you will have a crucial task of transferring the purpose of the team building exercises to showing how the exercises have application in the real world of your business or company. Just before the hideaway begins, if you are acting as the facilitator, be sure to determine from business leadership what objectives and outcomes they have in mind. These may include higher performance, enhanced communication or simply a boost in morale. In any case, the team members should leave the retreat understanding exactly how the lessons of the day can be transferred to the workplace, and also what actions of success are being made use of by leadership.
    • For example, a sales team could have an objective of improving their outcomes by 10 percent, and for that reason, the activities of the day should be centered around creating greater efficiency and much better use of shared sources to accomplish that objective. It will be very easy for the business to measure the team's performance by comparing sales numbers from before and after the team building session. This size of result is exactly why it is worthwhile for your business to invest money and time in the retreat, as the business now gains a direct business advantage, and also a standard that the staff members can comprehend.

Things You'll Need

  • A booking for a suitable venue or location
  • Transportation for the team members
  • Food and conveniences organized for the event
  • Team building exercises
  • Facilitator (if not yourself) and facilitation materials (notebooks, etc. for keeping records)

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