How to Build a Frog Pond

If you build a suitable pond correctly that is habitable for frogs, you may just attract some. However, it may take a while for frogs to come live in your garden depending on the amount of frogs you have in your area. If you have enough spare time and effort to build a pond, get started by following the instructions below.


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    Choose a perfect spot to build a pond. A good spot to build a pond is under the shade of a tree but with some direct sunlight. Frogs however, like a pond with plenty of shade and an area with enough plants to attract insects for food.
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    Dig a hole. You can choose how big your pond is going to be and how deep you want it. Though you will want to make it a reasonable size. If you don't mind the time, work and effort you can make the pond bigger which attracts more frogs.
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    Put some strong plastic sheets into the hole. The plastic will stop the water from sinking into the dirt and keep it in place. Other than plastic you can also leave a cement mix to dry inside the hole, this will also keep the water in place.
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    Fill the hole with water. Try to fill the hole to the brim with the hose water. If it's in a rainy season and you have patience you could wait until the rain water fills the hole up.


  • Put some rocks and plants in the pond, to create a more natural environment.
  • Tip over some flower pots and put some dirt in them, to create hiding places around the pond.
  • Don't put tadpoles or frogspawn or frogs straight into tap water if you filled the pond up like that; leave the water out for several days first.
  • If you have dogs or cats, or if there are predators in your area, let the grass near the pond grow long, and put up a metal fence.
  • Try to build it near the sun so the sun will grow water plants that tadpoles eat.


  • You can fill it up with tap water, but leave it out for 48 hours to get out all the chlorine.
  • Do Not build it near poisonous trees because the leaves will fall into the pond.

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