How to Build a Community Online

Two Parts:Starting OutGrowing Your Community

Online communities, as people commonly term them, are groups of people sharing the same interest that meet and communicate with each other through the Internet. Online communities have been around since the the Internet was introduced and have been bringing people with the same agenda together. If you’re interested in starting your very own online community, you can do so easily.

Part 1
Starting Out

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    Identify what your community will be about. Online communities are built on the shared interest of people. Think about what your community will be offering that other people should join it.
    • Are you fascinated with cars? You can create a community aimed to help and educate fellow car enthusiasts.
    • Love cooking? Make an online circle where people can share tips, secrets and recipes with each other.
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    Talk with other people. Once you’ve figured out what your community will be about, you can start approaching other people that share the same interest as you. Building a community takes a lot of work, not to mention time, so take whatever help you can get. Other people can also pitch in ideas that you haven’t thought of yet and would make the group much better.
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    Create a forum. Forums are websites where people can post messages, comments, or discuss various kinds of topics. This is the very backbone of an online community because this will be the virtual area where community members can meet new people, talk with those they know and discuss relevant ideas. There are two ways you can create a forum:
    • The first one is to create your own. If you have sufficient knowledge in web development and have the hardware resources to host your very own website (servers, computers, storage services, network service, etc.) then you can create and host your own forum.
    • If you don’t have the knowledge and resources to do so, then you can avail of various web hosting and development services online. Development firms like GoDaddy ( and HostGator ( can instantly create and host your online forum for you at a very reasonable price.

Part 2
Growing Your Community

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    Join other online forums. Online communities won’t be a community without its members. Go out of your way and join other forums similar to yours.
    • A person is not limited to joining only one forum so you can tell other people you meet here about your online community and invite them to join yours.
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    Share your forum. With all the social networking sites on the Internet, broadcasting your message on the Net is no longer that difficult to do. Copy the website address/URL of your online forum and post it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other similar social networking media.
    • Providing a direct link to your online forum will make it easier for interested people to sign in and join your community.
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    Keep your community fresh. Always add new contents to your online forum. Create new discussions and threads that will help maintain the interest of members and keep the circle alive.
    • Try broadening the scope of your community to attract more members outside your circle. In example, if the community is about cooking, you can extend its scope to something relevant like vegetable gardening, poultry raising or even organic farming.
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    Organize offline meets. To help people get to know more about each other, coordinate offline meetings and activities that will bring the community members together, physically. Members will tend to stick longer to an online community if they know the people they’re talking with inside the group personally.
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