How to Build a Berm

Do you need to raise the level of your front or backyard? Or maybe you want to create some small grass mounds in your backyard? For whatever the reason, read below and find out how to!


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    Build a wooden retaining wall to hold back the dirt, if required. Berms can be built anywhere in your yard.
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    Bring in clean fill and pile according to the desired height of the berm.
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    Spread topsoil on the clean fill and roll with a water roller.(same type of roller used when laying sod)
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    Place limestone pieces to cover the wooden retaining if needed and begin laying sod.
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    Continue laying sod until all of the dirt berm is covered. Remember to lay the sod pieces off-set from each other.
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    Fill in the sod seams with topsoil and press in firmly. This helps to bind the sod pieces together.
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    Roll the sod with a water roller.
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    Water deeply every day until the sod has rooted.
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    Step back and enjoy the berm you just created!


  • Water, water, water.
  • Can cut the new sod after 2 weeks, under normal conditions.
  • Remember to purchase only clean fill.
  • If the berm is going to receive high foot traffic, then lay a soil backed sod. Soil backed sod holds up better to high foot traffic. It is more expensive per piece and heavier to move.
  • Remember to purchase fresh sod. Does not matter if the soil is peat or soil. Peat sod is lighter in weight and usually less expensive than soil backed sod.
  • Rolling the fill makes adding the topsoil easier, but not necessary.
  • Remember to roll the topsoil. It should look smooth.
  • Do not fertilize or use weed control in the first year. However, when laying the sod, a growth hormone can be applied to the topsoil prior to laying the soil. This is an amazing help to quickly establish the sod roots.

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