How to Budget for a Baby

Having a baby is one of the most happiest times of your life. However, spending money on a baby can be very expensive as they grow. Here is how to budget for a baby.


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    Breastfeed instead of using formula. Breastfeeding gives a lot more nutrients to a newborn baby. It's also free of cost. If you have trouble breastfeeding or want advice, contact the La Leche League for free help. Formula costs between $10 and $25 a can, so you can save more than $200 a month just by choosing to breastfeed. If your income is low, you can apply for WIC to receive food and formula assistance.
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    Create your own baby food. Not only that it's more nutritious, but you have the opportunity of storing fruit and vegetable puree in the freezer for later use. Individual glass bottles or jars can add up on your grocery tab.
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    Make baby wipes. On average, a person usually uses about two to four wipes for each diaper change. With all these scented and lotion additive brands out there, making your own will assure a sense of safety. You can use baby washcloths for easy, reusable wipes. Try them with plain water, or make wipe solution.
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    Use second hand items. Babies don't care if they're dressed with a brand or how stylish they look. Look for cheap items online, search the daily papers for garage sales, or ask around if anyone has things to give away. As long as the product is in well condition and has met safety requirements, be happy that you saved a large amount of money.
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    Use cloth diapers or Make your own diapers. Diapers are the most expensive baby item next to food. Cloth diapers are also the most environmentally safe product to use when it comes to baby budgeting.
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    Entertain a baby for free. There's nothing more educational than reading to your baby. Start early and they'll pick up on developmental and learning skills easier. Avoid using the television as a learning device. Sing to a baby instead of using CDs or videos.
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    Go convertible by getting 2-in-1 items. Products that can change from a crib to a daybed or a car seat that is both rear and forward facing can save you lots. Car seats and cribs are the most expensive baby "gear" essentials.
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    Swap with friends. Host a swap at your home or community center and trade your baby clothes and gear for the next size up.


  • Avoid temptation with newborn clothing. You'll be looking for bigger clothes in a few weeks. If you're scouting for brand new clothes, look for sizes in the next age level; as they can grow into them a lot longer. For example, go for 6 to 9 month clothing for a 3 month old baby.

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