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4chan can be an extremely intimidating, disgusting, and horrifying place. But when you are after some information from the site, browsing for that perfect item just seems tough. This article can help you learn to get that perfect piece of information from 4chan.


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    Find out if you're qualified to browse the site. If you're under 18, are easily offended by violence, sexual content (as in hardcore pornography), racism, or anything similar, or if you are extremely unintelligent (unless you're browsing /b/) you aren't qualified to be a part of most of 4chan's main boards.
    • Be aware that the website casually uses highly derogatory language towards people who are gay, disabled, et cetera.
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    Read the rules. What usually gets "newf*gs" banned is a lack of understanding of what 4chan's guidelines are. Bans on 4chan (for new members especially) are usually very confusing and hard to appeal. Make sure to keep in mind that obeying rules doesn't always help you evade bans- certain phrases, images, and trip-codes can also get you banned for up to forever. Keep in mind that there are also two sets of rules- the rules of 4chan and the rules of /b/ (which also apply for most of the "Misc." boards).
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    Find out which board you want to browse. The most popular board on the entire website is "Random", or /b/, as it is notorious for spawning many mainstream internet memes (rick rolls, over 9000, etc.), but if you aren't looking for humour, porn, and "cancer," there are plenty of other boards you can browse.
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    Lurk. Don't automatically start spawning threads or you'll be dubbed a loser (or more offensive term). At the least, lurk and read over the board you have chosen for two weeks or so until you have a hang of the culture and feel of the website and board. Make sure you know the basics- how to post, how to follow threads, how to cite posts, how to detect trolls, etc, before you actually start posting.
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    Learn the lingo- although many boards have different lingo and slang, for a new-f*g, words such as "fap" and "moot" may seem confusing. If you ever come across a word, meme, or thread you are unfamiliar with, hit either Encyclopedia Dramatica (a very useful website for new-f*gs) or UrbanDictionary so you you can fully grasp it.
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    Avoid "cancer." Especially on boards such as /b/, there tends to be a massive flood of "cancerous" threads, or clich├ęd, annoying threads created by new fags or "Underage B&'s" trying to fit in. These threads include but are not limited to "New-fags can't triforce" threads, "Europe vs. United States" threads, Copypasta threads (called so because the user copies (copy) and pastes (pasta) the text) and "You ______ You Lose" threads.
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    Start posting! By now, unless you've skipped all the other steps just so you can read this, you should be ready to post without making a fool of yourself. Good luck, and remember to always follow the rules.


  • Learn all the lingo and slang. (Such as OP for Original Poster)
  • If you choose to talk to anyone from /b/, try to make sure your personal and private information is hidden from this person. Open up a separate email address, for example.
  • Wander off from page 0! Just because a thread isn't headlining the board, it doesn't mean it sucks.
  • Don't be afraid to reply to people that appeal to you in interest/about me threads. You can actually have very interesting conversations with many of these people.
  • Don't follow sketchy looking links- even if there's posts claiming how "great this porn is". If you see a link that isn't for a site that you're familiar with, don't go there.
  • Never completely believe anything anyone says- especially on boards such as /b/. If it seems too good to be true (i.e. secret raid board), it's fake.
  • Type properly. If you are more of a "text typer" (i.e. "omG u guis chek out dis link lololol") you don't belong on 4chan whatsoever.
  • Keep in mind posting certain phrases or coining certain trip codes can get you permanently banned.


  • What has been seen cannot be unseen... While the pictures 404 after a short time, they will stay in your head forever, no turning back after that.
  • Don't fall for tricks such as "open this image save as 4chan.jse" or "follow this link hawt vid". These are all viruses that will seriously screw up your computer or get you banned after your computer spams the message too.
  • Whatever anyone says, do not delete system32. Just don't.

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