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Have you noticed how depressed many people around you are? People may suffer genuinely from the medical condition depression, or may just be sad or having a bad day. This page will help you to brighten someone's day and contribute to a happier work environment and make everyone, everywhere, happier, whether they be friends, total strangers or work colleagues. Read on from step one below.


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    Smile, smile, smile. Whenever someone sees a smiling face, it reminds them that they may have reasons to smile themselves, and it will create a happier mood. Or, it makes them more depressed as they see you grinning like a loon when they have nothing to smile about whilst they cope with depression or deal with a difficult situation such as the death of a loved one. The simplest of human interactions, the gesture to a fellow human of a slight perking of the lips, is one of the strongest messages of goodwill at your command. Whether you walk with a smile on your face all day or just smile at a certain person who catches your eye, a frank, open smile will not only cheer up, if they weren't really that down, the recipient (and maybe get you a smile back) but you will notice that smiling actually makes you feel happier.
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    Greet everyone you see. This will make people feel that they have been noticed and accepted in their environment and brighten their day.
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    Look out for people who look in need of an act of kindness. Once you start looking, you might be surprised, because the sad, the lonely, and the hopeless are everywhere: alone on a park bench, sobbing into their coffee, or just looking a little miserable. Even a smile will help, but if they really seem upset then go over and ask if they're okay. Offer a hug or a tissue. Many strangers will not wish to open up to stranger and sadly, may think you are invading their privacy or interfering and not minding your own business. Remember if someone has a genuine problem such as recently having been diagnosed with terminal cancer, your asking if they are ok will not necessarily help.
    • Surprise people with small cheery gifts. Homemade cupcakes or a box of doughnuts for an early morning are sure to bring a smile to someone's face. Be careful that the person who's day you intend to brighten with sugary, calorific food is not depressed due to their being over weight or being advised they are in an at risk group for diabetes.
    • Pay for the person behind you. Whether there's a reason why you want the specific person behind you to get a free meal (for instance, they're a soldier that you support) or you just have some extra money for brightening someone's day, at the drive-through offer to pay for them to the server. This random act of kindness may brighten someone's day but be aware you may be paying for someone who is perfectly happy already and couldn't be any brighter, or, a criminal of some kind. You just don't know who you are 'helping' when you give at random. You might take away the opportunity for a hard working single dad to treat his kids with his own earnings for the first time after years of unemployment, but, go ahead and do it if it makes YOUR day brighter thinking, not KNOWING, you've brightened someone else's day.
    • Take advantage of special occasions. For instance, on Valentine's Day, take advantage of all the roses to get a big bunch, then either send them to someone or go around giving a rose to anyone who looks in need of it. Hay fever may be an issue here so take care.
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    Compliments go a long way. People like it when you notice things about them because more than likely, they put a lot of thought into it. Be careful not to inadvertently point out something the person may not be proud of. For example, don't compliment weigh loss if in fact the person has lost weight due to ill health or a miscarriage. Compliment what people do to be safe, not their appearance. A heartfelt, 'good work' is never going to offend.
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    Promote Optimism. If something goes, or is going wrong for someone, twist it and show them the positive. Tell them how it would be worse if it went the other way. For example, a colleague misses out on a promotion to the bosses son, you can promote optimism by saying, ' you probably would of struggled to spend all the extra money that promotion would of earned you anyway'.
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    If it's a friend, be random. This can really brighten up someone's day, with all the random ramblings and outbursts.
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    Remember the homeless. Is there a certain homeless person who you often see in the streets? How many times have you walked right past a homeless human being? They may not be among the pillars of the community, but every life, including murderers and child rapists, has a right to live, and whether it's money or a hot meal, homeless people will appreciate anything you have to give. Often, money is more appreciated than food as it can be spent on drugs. Next time you see a homeless person on your way to a takeaway or the supermarket, get them something - a burger, a jumper, and even food for their pets. If you don't want to spend money, just rummage around in your house: old blankets, clothes, and shoes will always be appreciated. Try making something such as a knitted scarf and hone your skills at the same time.
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    Volunteer. For kindness on a larger scale or with an overall purpose, try volunteering. Whether it's at the local animal shelter or nursing home, the satisfaction you get will be well worth the time you put into it, but do remember the object of the exercise is to brighten someone's day, not your own.
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    Appreciate and notice what others do for you. Thank people, no matter how trivial what they've done for you seems to you. Recognize their efforts in their line of work. Say please when you ask for things and show courtesy in all your interactions with others.


  • Small things go a long way when making people happy.
  • Think about how you would like to be treated, then do the same for others.
  • Make sure the people you are trying to cheer up want to be in a good mood.
  • Homeless people will appreciate things you think of as inferior, such as leftover or extra food, or out-of-fashion clothes.
  • Anonymous acts of kindness are just as nice to receive if you're shy or don't want to get attention focused on you.
  • Next time you go on a holiday or move house, take the chance to get rid of anything you won't need again or have never used and donate it to charity or someone you know.
  • Whenever we see someone on the street we just walk off don't we? Well if you have some loose change please donate and also SMILE THAT MAKES EVERYONE HAPPY.


  • Most sad people will appreciate hugs and smiles, but remember to make sure your intentions are clear.
  • Make sure not to kill the mood by saying something really negative or sad.
  • Don't overdo it or people will think that you are up to something and get the wrong opinion.

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