How to Breathe Life Into a Boring Party

Some parties don't turn out the way they are meant to be. A party where not everyone is actually letting their hair down and enjoying heartily loses the flavor of a party and is reduced to just a social gathering. A few clever twists and unusual turns are critical in bringing back that much-required zing. So how can you get about doing that?


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    Set a theme. This should preferably be done before the the party (while sending invites). Alternatively, make an impromptu suggestion on a telltale crazy theme. This could work out as a pleasant surprise, bringing out latent or hesitant enthusiasm. People could also come up and suggest successful themes that have worked; ultimately everyone is on their toes discussing crazy ideas for the party.
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    Befriend like-minded people. There will surely be more people who'd want a more happening party. Befriend these guys and start infecting the party scene with your jokes, anecdotes and laughter. Experience the drab scene immediately change into one oozing with fervor.
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    Pull out the kids. Kids are major entertainers and their zeal is pretty contagious. Once a group of excited kids start something zany, their parents would notice and start watching. That would eventually attract more viewers. For all we know, this might turn into an all-age group activity or game that could considerably brighten the whole scene up.
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    Host a "Crack a Joke" contest. Not many can resist a good laugh, joke, anecdote or pun if it is within their taste. A contest, to come out with the best wise-cracks could do wonders to a dull scene. If not all, some people with a good sense of humor and good joke-memory and story telling skills could infect the crowd with their funny banter.
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    Change the music. A party without music is unheard of. But a party without the right kind of music is common. Judge the populace attending the party and change the music accordingly. A young crowd could be perked up with some rock, pop, or hip-hop music. A little older people would prefer melodious romance; a middle-aged gathering could go for soft-soothing numbers whereas an even older crowd wouldn't mind instrumentals lulling the background. A mixed crowd could have a DJ judging the mood and playing music as per the taste. Or better still, get a music-loving friend to act as DJ to play song requests & dedications for all the guests.
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    Shake a leg. Parties where one doesn't jig a bit, barely exist. But yes, there could be some gatherings where people might need that little push to hit the floor and set the scene on fire. With the right kind of music and atmosphere a party can come to life with everyone up and about, trying to demonstrate a step or two. Or simply letting it go.
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    Get innovative with games. Games are the life to any party. Regular party animals will have something interesting to share in their kitty. Go for unconventional methods of playing conventional games. Add new components and fun factors to pull out the woeful guests from their no-activity mode. Pose a challenge, keep interesting rewards and make the losers come out with fresh ideas for winning. Avoid gambling or cash games, as that diverts the party towards a different direction altogether.
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    Fake a fashion show. A party generally sees the guests at their flashiest best. An indirect way to complement their dress sense would be to host a fashion show or a fake ramp walk. Match the background music with the kind of clothes the guests have adorned and you could bring a host of fashion-savvy divas to the limelight. If taken well, this could as well turn out to be roaring fun, even for non-participants!
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    Food it up. One subject on which everyone would have a word or two is food. Bring this topic out and watch the party conversation turn around totally. Foodie or no-foodie, taste buds have tickled every one of us at some stage in life. Invite people to share silly recipes or intricate ones. Probe the non-foodies about their culinary abilities. Supplemented with a well laid out dinner, this party couldn't end on a more piquant note .
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    Go low on alcohol and other intoxicants. A party with guests sloshed out at every corner or inebriated beyond all conversation is bound to be boring. A subtle moderation in serving the liquor could go a long way in making the party a success. A restrained guest with just the right amount of alcohol (or other narcotics) in his system can still be charming or fun to be with. To spare the host of unrequited embarrassments, keep all the guests entertained and have a party with no regrets, swigs could be substituted by other healthier options.
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    Talk to a complete stranger. Talking to a stranger on the road might not sound like such a good idea. But in a party where everyone has chosen a corner to while away the time talking to a complete stranger makes a lot of sense. For all you know, he might turn out to be the guy with the unpredictable attitude for fun. Together, you could trigger some infectious merrymaking. He could suggest other innovative ways to get rid of boredom, if not anything else.
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    Finish with a flourish. All well that ends well. An impressive party is one that has had a memorable conclusion. A warm goodbye post a great get together, sets the stage for future parties pregnant with promises of much more gala times to come.


  • A party with a life is not easy to host. Plan ahead and make sure you have made all the arrangements needed to have that wacky ball of a party.


  • Not everyone will be comfortable with your sense of fun. If someone continuously insists on non-participation (even after repeated requests), leave them alone. They might spoil the fun, feel insulted or simply break a good relationship. After all, everyone of us has different versions of enjoyment.

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