How to Break up Ice on a Driveway

Aren't you tired of breaking your back trying to get ice off your driveway? Well no more.


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    Shovel. You can't really penetrate the ice until you get all of the snow off the area. This will only take about 10-15 minutes depending on the size of your driveway. If someone is snow blowing or your kids are playing near the driveway ask them to go inside, go do it somewhere else, or help you.
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    Acquire some salt. The kind you want can be found at most hardware stores. If all else fails you can just use table salt. Now spread the salt around all over the area. If you have some extra salt you might want to go over it twice to make sure you got everything.
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    Wait a couple of hours. Go inside and get some hot chocolate or get a blanket. Whatever you want to do for the next 2-3 hours. After that has passed, go back outside and shovel of the rest of the ice! It won't be hard because the salt melted the ice and you just need to shovel a little. And you have a great looking driveway!
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    Be sure to clear out the melted ice and snow. Otherwise, if it gets cold again, it will freeze and you will have substantially more ice than you did before.


  • Know if large amounts of salt can be used in your area.
  • This can be done with any area of land.


  • IF you feel like you are going to freeze or parts of you are turning blue GO INSIDE. Immediately take a hot bath and/or put your blue areas in warm (not hot) water.

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