How to Break in a Baseball Cap

Three Methods:Wearing Your Cap at All TimesUsing Water to Break in Your CapBreaking in the Bill of Your Cap

It's always an amazing feeling when you finally break in a new baseball cap. Of course, hats get broken in over time, but there are a few tricks to speed up the process. If you're willing to try a few unconventional methods and dedicate tons of time to wearing your new baseball cap, you'll have a broken in hat in no time.

Method 1
Wearing Your Cap at All Times

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    Wear your baseball cap every day. The best way to break in a new hat is to wear it as often as possible. Whether you're running errands, cleaning the house, hanging out with friends, or even at work (if your boss will allow it), keep your new baseball cap on your head at all times. This will allow your hat to form to the shape of your head and experience some casual wear and tear.[1]
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    Work out in your new baseball cap. Working out in your baseball cap may seem like a strange idea, but it's a great way to break in a new hat! Keep on your new cap when you hit the gym, and try to get as sweaty as possible. Applying heat and moisture to a new hat is the easiest and fastest way to break it in, which is why sweating in your hat is perfect. Keep the hat on after you've finished your workout to allow it to morph to the shape of your head.
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    Play sports in your new baseball cap. Wear your new cap while playing sports on your league or with a group of friends. This will cause you to sweat in your hat, but will also put the hat through some physical wear and tear (especially if you're playing sports like tackle football). It's called a baseball cap for a reason, so put it to good use!
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    Distress your hat's fabric. Distressing the fabric and fading the color of your new cap can help to make it look more worn. Wearing the cap every day will help to naturally wear down the hat, but there are other things you can do to speed up the process.
    • Get your hat dirty. You can step on your hat, leave it laying on the ground, and wear it in the sun. All of these things are great ways to speed up the wear and tear on your hat.

Method 2
Using Water to Break in Your Cap

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    Soak your hat in hot water. If you want to break in the entire hat, then soak the entire hat in a bowl of hot water. If you want to keep the bill of the hat firm, only soak the crown of the hat in the bowl. Soak the cap for 30 minutes to 1 hour, and then remove it from the water. Lay it out on a towel to dry until it goes from soaking wet to damp. When the hat is damp, place it on your head, and allow it to finish drying while conforming to your head.[2]
    • There is a possibility that soaking your hat in hot water can cause its color to slightly fade. This will help your hat to look more worn. If you don't want the color to fade, soak your hat in cold water instead. If you soak your hat in cold water, soak it for 2-3 hours.
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    Take showers in your baseball cap. This may seem like the most unconventional method yet, but showering in your new cap is a great way to break it in. Water alone is a great way to break in a hat, but keeping the hat shaped to your head while you wet it takes this one step further. Once you've finished showering, keep the hat on your head and allow it to air-dry.[3]
    • Be sure to take off your hat at some point during the shower to wash your hair, then put the hat back on for the remainder of your shower.
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    Wash your baseball cap in a washing machine. Use warm water and liquid laundry detergent to wash your hat. It's easiest to wash your hat on laundry day and simply throw it in the washer with your load of clothes. You can wash the hat over and over again, with multiple loads, but do not put the hat in the dryer. Putting your hat in the dryer could cause it to shrink. Instead, let the hat air-dry or wear it on your head until it is finished drying.
    • If you have a wool or cotton cap, you can shrink it in the dryer to fit your head. You'll need to get a hat that is slightly too big or you, and then put in in the dryer to shrink it after washing it. If the hat shrinks too much, wash it again, and let it air dry on your head to stretch it out to the perfect size.

Method 3
Breaking in the Bill of Your Cap

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    Stick the bill of your baseball cap in a coffee mug overnight. This is a great way to give your bill a permanent curve, as it is very effective and easy to do. Curve the bill inward so that the ends are touching, and slide it into a coffee mug. The curved bill should fit into the coffee mug with no problem. Allow the cap to sit in the mug overnight, and it will be perfectly curved when you remove it in the morning.[4]
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    Wrap the bill of your baseball cap around a can or glass overnight. You'll need a can (soda can, beer can, soup can, etc.) and a rubber band to secure it in place. Leave your hat wrapped like this overnight, and you'll have a nice, subtle curve in the bill of your baseball cap.
    • You can also use a baseball instead of a can or glass. This will be a bit harder to hold in place with a rubber band, but is doable and will get you similar results.
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    Curve the bill of your hat into the back opening of your hat. Turn your hat upside down so that the inside is facing upwards. Curve the bill so that the ends of it are touching. Then, fold the bill towards the back opening of the hat, and slide the curved bill into the hat's opening. The opening will hold the bill in place. Leave the hat in this position overnight. This method will give you a less intense curve in the bill of your baseball cap.[5]

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