How to Bounce Juggle

To bounce juggle, you need to have the basics down. You should know how to Juggle Three Balls pretty smoothly without dropping them all over the place. It helps to have a reverse cascade down pat, too. With a little practice, you'll soon be bounce juggling like a pro.


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    Use a cascade pattern using what may be called "The Lift Bounce".
    • Start with one ball only. Lift it up a bit and let it go.
    • It takes a little arc, hits the floor and bounces up towards (and above) your other hand.
    • As it starts coming back down, catch it.
    • Repeat the process in reverse to get it back to the other hand.
    • Try this several times. Do you notice that is is slower than juggling up on the air?
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    Start with just two balls to get the feel for the exchange.
    • Instead of juggling up, just give each ball a gentle lift, sort of scoop it up and let it drop to the ground.
    • It will bounce as it comes back up and then arcs.
    • Move to catch it with your other hand and as you do, give a little lift to the second ball and let it go down to the ground.
    • Catch the incoming first ball.
    • Lift, drop, bounce, lift & drop ball two, catch ball one. Repeat.
    • The best description of the first part of the trajectory is a crook or candy cane.
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    Learn force juggling or force bounce. Instead of gently lifting and bouncing each ball, you force them to the ground by throwing them at it. This requires a little more energy and the balls bounce back harder and therefore faster. You've got less time to compensate for errors so your throwing should be more precise. For this type of juggling, you may want to use the "reverse cascade"; each ball bounces to the outside of the previous one.


  • Find a smooth, level, and hard floor to start with. A tennis court, garage floor, or gym floor are ideal.
  • Lift & Bounce juggling is slower than regular juggling.
  • Bounce one or two, then lift them up into a regular cascade juggling pattern, then bounce another... all of a sudden, the ground is your friend (a new feeling for most jugglers) and you have added more dimension to your three ball routine.
  • In order to bounce juggle, first you need to get some bouncy balls. Most juggling supply places have them, but you can also find some reasonably priced balls at your nearest pet store (3 from PetSmart cost $4.95 each).
  • Professional style silicone balls bounce better, but are expensive.
  • When you get smooth, you can try to bounce one under your leg, or toss one over your shoulder & pirouette.
  • Get a feel for one, then work up to exchanging two before attempting three.
  • Golf balls (or other balls with an irregular surface), or balls with large "seams" around the middle may have unpredictable bounces.


  • At first, this may seem difficult
  • Avoid areas with breakable objects

Things You'll Need

  • 3 bouncy balls
  • A reasonable ability to juggle three things
  • A smooth floor

Sources and Citations

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