How to Boost Your Inner Self

Your inner self is inside you and it should not be a hard thing to find it. Remember that everyone has something in them than can make the whole world grovel at their feet. You just have to find that something and it is 100% inside you.


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    Look at yourself: next time, stop before passing by a mirror. Look at yourself and try to see the inner you. For some people it's easy to see themselves, for others it's hard. Don't get agitated if you can't. You soon will.
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    Try to read a book: sometimes, you can find a character who really inspires you. Try to find the traits that are in the both of you. Maybe you both are generous, unselfish or helpful.
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    Next time you talk to your friends, try to see how you react to simple or big stuff. That tells you a lot about yourself. Sometimes, you change traits when you are with your friends. If that happens, find out the difference between the two personalities. Try to see which one makes you feel better about yourself.
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    Once you find the real you, try to dress up the way that suits you best and shows your best personalities. Be careful that you don't think of yourself as something that you are not.
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    Be attentive. Your friends may know a little about you (even if that you isn't the real one). So listen to them when they talk about you. It's not self-absorbed to ask them a few questions about yourself. You can ask what they think of your traits...Don't Get bugged if they tell you something which you don't want to hear. They might joke around and you can laugh with them.
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    Be confident. It's the best trait anyone can possess. Don't be over-confident or have a very low self esteem. Tell yourself that you are the most amazing person in the world and don't care if your friends don't agree. Be social, not a social butterfly. Indulge yourself in school activities, like drama or the sports club. Athletic people are always confident. No one is better than you.


  • Maintain a good hygiene. It matters if you are fresh and clean and you will feel yourself way more if you do.
  • Do not be let down by others. They will always try to make you feel small so that they can feel big. Don't be the bait. Be yourself and be confident and the whole world will love you. Trust me, i have seen it happen to someone in my own life.
  • Never lose confidence in yourself. Confidence matters a lot. Remember, you are the best and no one else can ever be like you, however much they try. You are unique and you have a lot of good traits. Tell yourself you are perfect.
  • Be sure of yourself. Don't try to act like something you are not.
  • Make new friends. Maybe someone out their can tell you a thing about yourself that you have been unknowingly looking for. And it always feels good to know that someone has your back.


  • Do not be something that you are not. That's a very easy way to make people hate you. It does bug others and although you don't have to care about others who don't like you, don't make unnecessary enemies. And people can easily transform from just not liking to enemies without you even having to say a thing to them.

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