How to Boil Milk in India

Milk is used in every home in India. It is used in both raw and after pasteurization. The second form is very common in India. Milk is available to us through the following ways- a) Available in packets and sold at shops b) Directly from the cow sheds The packet ones are already pasteurized and sold to us. However, we still boil at home in order to be healthy and as a precautionary measure.


  • Milk packet


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    Take the packet of milk from the refrigerator.
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    With the help of the scissors, cut one end of it.
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    Pour the contents of the packet in a utensil.
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    Squeeze out the cream present in the packet.
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    Turn on the gas stove to boil the milk.
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    Observe the surface tension formed as a layer.This is the indication that the milk has acquired the boiling temperature.
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    One can see the air bubbles also.
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    The top most layer of the cream would start shrinking in and the milk would begin to emerge out and come up the utensil.
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    See that the milk reaches to the brim of the utensil.This is the time when the milk is fully boiled.
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    Turn off the gas stove immediately otherwise the milk would flow outside the utensil.


  • Keep the gas stove on the lower level so that the milk and the cream boil properly. Sometimes the cream does not liquify and this might spoil the milk.

Things You'll Need

  • Utensil
  • Gas Stove
  • Scissors

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