How to Boil, Peel and Mash Potatoes at Home

Potatoes are called "BACHELOR's VEGETABLE". The main reason is it is easy to prepare a dish from them. They are used in various ways. This presents a step by step process to boil and peel them so that they might be used for various purposes in cooking.


  • Potatoes-1/2 kg
  • Water- 500 grams


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    Select some raw potatoes.
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    Add some water and potatoes in a pressure cooker. Place it on a gas stove and turn it on.
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    After three whistles, turn off the gas stove.
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    Remove the lid from the pressure cooker.
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    Remove the potatoes from the hot water and place them in a plate.
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    Place one of the potatoes in the right hand. Make a small hole with the help of the tips of the two fingers.
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    Move the peel to the opposite side from the place where you started off.
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    Remove the entire outer covering from the potato.
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    Peel the other potatoes also.
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    Hold the potato in one hand and press it lightly to break it into pieces.
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    Apply little more pressure and mash them completely.

Things You'll Need

  • Pressure cooker
  • Plate
  • Spoon
  • Bowl

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