How to Blow Up a Bubble Soccer Suit

Bubble soccer is a new, fun sport. This article will be talking about the fastest way to blow up a bubble soccer suit.


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    Unwrap the suit into a flat shape, preferably on grass. While unfolding make sure the logo is on the ground. Since the logo is on the ground the suit should automatically open up. It is folded in two sections, one opens to the right and another to the left.
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    Use a leaf blower to blow it up. It's faster than an air compressor. So take a blower out, make sure it is filled fully with gas. Start it up so it is ready to go. Instructions on how to use it are on the blower.
  3. Image titled BSoccer cap
    Take off the cap for the bubbles and put it in your left pocket. It is located on the bottom right of the logo
  4. Image titled Bubble opening on right
    Place the opening of the bubbles on the bottom right (if you are a righty). It will be easier to control/hold the bubble as it inflates. If available place a object near so the suit can lean on it while inflating.
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    Start up the leaf blower and hold it on the opening. Let the bubble inflate. Try your best to get the blower extension fully into the opening.
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    When it is almost done, take the cap out of your left pocket and get ready to put it on once you take the leaf blower out. This process has to be very quick and precise; it may take you few times to master it.
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    Once the cap is back on, make sure it is tight.
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    Suit up! The straps set inside go on your body just like a backpack straps do. Hang on tight and enjoy your game.

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