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Like the majority of Wiki sites, wikiHow receives numerous spam postings, some of which can be quite obscene. In order to prevent spam postings from being published we have enabled the SpamBlacklist Extension for preventing links that are known to be spam links from being posted on wikiHow. If you are a wikiHow administrator and have seen a spam posting, you can help prevent future postings by doing the following.


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    Find the spam posting and view the links that have been posted by viewing the source. It will generally look a lot like: [ Get Free This Here] or something similar. Copy all of the spam links into a simple text file using something like Notepad.
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    Remove the http:// part, all subdomains, and anything specifying a particular file from all of the URLs. So if a URL looks like, you would remove everything except for
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    Insert backslashes before all of the periods of all of the links, so they now look like example\.com
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    Place \b before the url. This will prevent bypassing the blacklist by using common methods, like a tabulation or a space. It should now look like \bexample\.com
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    Load the article Spam Blacklist and edit it. Only wikiHow Administrators can edit this article (or else why wouldn't the spammers just remove their own host names?). Find out how to Become a wikiHow Admin if you're not an admin but would like to help out.
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    Add your new host names to the end of the current list. Make sure they appear before the tag at the end of the article for nice formatting.
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    Save the page, and all the newly added host names will be prevented from being posted to wikiHow.


  • If you're having trouble determining whether an external link constitutes spam, consult the wikiHow Writer's Guide, which states:
  • wikiHow exists to help people, not for product promotion. While we encourage useful articles about how to shop and buy things, writers should refrain from creating articles to purely promote one specific business without providing useful insights to our readers. While you are welcome to post an external hyperlink, the WikiHow community reserves the right to delete hyperlinks or entire articles that over step the bounds on self-advertising.

  • A good way to tell if an external link was posted by a spammer is to visit the link and see if it provides valuable content. If all it does is overtly promote the purchase of a product or service, it's probably spam.
  • Admins can also add good websites which might accidentally be labeled as spam to the spam whitelist.

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