How to Beome a Street Juggler

Juggling can be a hard thing to do, and can be very embarrassing if you make one mistake in front of a crowd. With some practice and help from this article, you may be able to master juggling and continue onto becoming a street juggler!


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    Practice makes perfect. Before you can do anything else, you will need to learn how to juggle three balls. Once you learn how to juggle three balls, move on to four balls and keep pushing yourself to juggle even more. Remember: your goal is to attract a daily audience. The more balls you juggle, the more likely amused people will stop to watch!
    • Try juggling other items besides balls. Don't limit yourself to tradition; come up with new, amusing ways to juggle in order to entertain people! For example, as soon as you are experienced enough, try juggling hoops, plates - anything you can juggle that will wow your audience!
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    Scout out a place where you will definitely be noticed, but be sure the area you are performing in is legal and that you are not blocking up any work or transportation areas. Be sure your performing spot is a place where people will go to every day. Never stick yourself in a corner, or in the middle of a street!
    • Try changing your performing spot to a different one every day, but come back to your original spot once a week. This way, people around your community will be exposed to you, and you won't be entertaining just the same group over and over again.
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    • Make sure you will not be blocked by someone else's act. Avoid performing in the middle of a large crowd, as you will most likely be ignored and pushed. Try performing off to the side, but where people will see you.
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    Once you have your performing spot confirmed, you may start performing in the streets. Try changing your act every day so people don't get bored. Never stick to a schedule (ex: juggling balls on Monday, juggling plates on Tuesday, etc.) for people will eventually figure it out and become bored. Come up with new acts and be creative! Do something that will attract a crowd! Don't forget to have a box or some sort of container for money! Be sure no one will make off with it, however. Place it somewhere in front of your feet.
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    If you impress people enough, they might want to donate money to you. Some people might even offer you a spot in their circus. If that does happen, accept it, unless if you're juggling in the streets for fun! You will be guaranteed certain pay, and your position will be even more secure.
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  • The more balls you juggle, the better. It will improve your skills and will impress people.
  • Don't stick to the same old act. It's boring and you won't attract a crowd at all.


  • Don't perform in places where people rarely go to. It won't attract a lot of attention.
  • Don't start juggling things like swords, or anything else that can cause harm to you. Only do this if you're trained by a professional.
  • Avoid corners and alleys.

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