How to Bend and Snap

Two Parts:Learning the MovePerforming the Move

If you’ve ever seen the 2001 comedy, Legally Blonde, you may have noticed the “Bend and Snap.” This move, which was taught to Elle Woods by her mother in Junior High, is most commonly used to attract the attention of someone of the opposite sex. Try it out and get noticed by your crush today!

Part 1
Learning the Move

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    Drop an item on the ground. This item can be anything at all; a pen, a piece of paper, your keys, etc. The only qualifiers are that the item needs to be something you can easily pick up, and small enough that you can hold it in one hand.
    • Do not drop anything fragile or expensive, as there is no guarantee it won’t break or shatter.
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    Bend over to retrieve the item. To do this, you will need to hinge forward at the waist, simultaneously sliding your hand down your leg. This movement will draw attention to the length of your legs, as you lean down to pick up the item.
    • If you’ve ever done a Kettlebell Swing, the bending motion is very similar.[1]
    • Push your chest out as far as possible during the bend. If there is writing on your shirt, someone looking at you should be able to read the words, even as you’re bent over.[2]
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    Pick up the item. Take your time while doing this. The whole point of the maneuver is to keep your crush’s attention on you, so feel free to draw out the motion for as long as you’d like.
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    Snap upwards. Once you have the item in your hand, snap back up to standing, with your hands positioned on either side of your chest, framing it. Arch your back to stick your chest outwards, in the direction of your crush.
    • A woman sticking her chest out is considered a non-verbal invitation towards intimacy or flirting.[3] Make sure if you’re bending and snapping for someone, that you’re actually interested in them, otherwise you may end up with some unwanted attention or advances.
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    Smile! Gymnasts stick their landings by lifting their hands in the air to keep their balance.[4] A smile is how you will stick the landing of your bend and snap. A smile lets your crush know that you have completed the motion and you’re ready to re-engage in conversation.

Part 2
Performing the Move

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    Practice at home. Before you share your bend and snap with the world, do a couple of test runs at home in front of the mirror. This will give you the self-confidence necessary to really sell the motion when you’re doing it out in public.
    • If you’re still struggling, watch the bend and snap scene from Legally Blonde. Watching Elle Woods take you through the motions a few times may help you see what you’re doing incorrectly.
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    Engage your crush in conversation. When you’re ready to perform the move for real, find your crush and start chatting. What you talk about doesn’t matter, as long as it’s clear that your crush is paying attention to you.
    • You can also try using your bend and snap to attract your crush's attention. Once you have their attention, use that to propel you into further conversation.
    • The closer you stand to your crush, the bigger the effect your bend and snap will have on them. Standing close to your crush without them feeling uncomfortable and moving away is a clear sign that they’re interested in you and that you should proceed with your bend and snap.[5]
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    Sell it. Confidence is one of the most important traits you can have while flirting. Being confident will do more for your dating life than being attractive.[6] It doesn’t matter how athletic or graceful you are; anyone can do this move and as long as you do it confidently, you will execute it perfectly.
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    Make eye contact with your crush and keep talking. Don’t just finish the move and walk away. It doesn’t matter how good your bend and snap is if you can’t carry on a good conversation outside of it. Let the bend and snap help you attract your crush's attention, but once you have it, it’s on you to make the most of it.


  • Use extreme caution while performing your "snap" motion. Make sure you're wearing a supportive bra with good coverage to prevent potential wardrobe malfunctions.
  • Do not drop fragile objects (like your phone) as they may shatter and ruin the illusion.
  • Gauge your crush's interest in you before performing the Bend and Snap. If you are concerned your crush may not reciprocate your feelings, avoid performing this maneuver for them.
  • Drop the object far enough, so as it won't be awkward when the object is too close for you to perform the maneuver properly.


  • Exercise caution when bending over to pick up the item or snapping back upwards. If your crush has leaned down to pick up the object as well, you'll run the risk of knocking heads.
  • Avoid dropping the item on your foot, especially if you are wearing open-toed footwear or if the item is particularly sharp.

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