How to Believe in Yourself when You Get Cut from a Team

You try out for a team and... don't make it. It happens to everyone, whether it's in sports, academics, or hobbies. But it is hard to deal with. This article will tell you how to get back up from your loss and keep going!


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    Think about why you didn't make the team. There has to be a reason! Some possible explanations:
    • You just weren't good enough. This is the hardest one to accept and move own with. Are you inexperienced? Have you not played in a while and are a little rusty? Are you not trying hard enough?
    • They already had too many people. Maybe you were equally good as someone and they had to randomly pick. This one doesn't happen as often, but there is a chance. A basketball team only plays 5 people at a time, so they aren't going to have 20 people on the team.
    • Your attitude. This happens a lot. You could be the best person at tryouts, but still don't make the team. If you are sassy and always have something to say, they know you're going to be an annoying addition to the team. Blaming people for mistakes they made is a huge turn-off. Try your hardest to be a good leader, no matter how bad the team is.
    • You're new to the team. Sometimes teams had been together or a long time, and don't want any new additions.
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    Talk to someone about it. It feels good to let all your emotions out. It doesn't matter who it is: parents, friends, or even your pet. They will make you feel better, but even if they don't, you shouldn't keep your feeling inside.
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    Identify the mistakes you made and try to fix it. You shouldn't feel bad you didn't make a team and not do anything to improve! You can also talk to someone you know who did make the team, and they can give you tips.
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    Try out for another team. Not making one team shouldn't make you want to quit.
    • Your team might even play the team you got cut from. And if you win, the coach will see he or she made the wrong choice.
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    Never give up. Something could happen. A player could get hurt or sick for the season, and he or she might call you back to replace her. However, it's best to keep training for another tryout––magical thinking isn't a substitute for making an effort.
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    Read motivational quotes and sayings. These can cheer you up and help you to feel stronger about preparing yourself for the next tryout.

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