How to Believe in God and Evolution

God and evolution do not have to be separate: many people easily understand and respect scientific theory and have complete faith in God, here's what you can say about it.


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    Clearly understand what evolution means: In biology, evolution is the change in the inherited traits of a population of organisms through successive generations. Every individual is supplied with hereditary material in the form of genes that are received from their parents; then, passed on to their offspring. Changes among offspring is a result of either the random introduction of new genes (called mutations) or the reshuffling of existing genes during reproduction.
    • What this means is that every creature is slightly different and each new generation has an overall slightly different mix to the previous one.
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    Clearly understand what Natural Selection means: basically organisms tend to produce more offspring than the environment can support, so obviously individual organisms do not have equal chances in the environment, some will live longer and some will die sooner or not have offspring. For example if one animal is slightly faster than the others chances are it won't get eaten and may go on to have some offspring, which inherit its genes. In scientific terms this means individuals, with a higher degree of fitness in their environment have more reproductive success and will produce more offspring.
    • What this means is that Traits that ensure organisms are better adapted to their living conditions become more common in descendant populations.
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    Realize that all major world religions state that God is the creator.
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    Now let's think about the act of creation. If we think about how human beings create or make things, we first design them and we build them. Production was first done by hand, as society progressed and developed, basic machines were used, then as civilization developed further we had the industrial revolution and high-tech machines began doing much of the production. As technology continues to improve the methods we human beings use to make things improve further, we have teams, software to help use design, more advanced robotics to help develop prototypes, and make big buildings. So if we humans can easily see how our own creative process changes and grows, lets think about how much larger things are created.
    • If we wanted to create every animal, plant insect, tree, fungus, fish on Earth would we sit and design each one and fashion it, or would we create a system that creates every living creature and more?
    • If we think this way than we raise God higher by understanding that God as Creator, has made the laws of physics and space and time and chemistry and evolution. Its such a simple thing to think one level higher about a process of creation rather than creation one-by-one. There is no need to create individual animals, when the world itself is created to make life in all its forms and refine it and spread it and allow intelligence to develop right up to the human species.
    • As human beings of higher intelligence it is now more important than ever to understand how the environment works by carefully and scientifically studying it. There is no need to ignore science the Human Brain is naturally inclined to be curious and science is merely the systematic use of our curiosity.
    • With science, the increase in our collective knowledge, will then allow us to shape our environment and With the guidance of all religions, for understanding our role, can allow us to care for every living creature.


  • Always think logically - but remember as an individual you don't need to justify your view to anyone - whether your view is that you don't believe in religion, or whether your view is that you don't believe in evolution. Whatever you think right now is okay, because its what you think, and nobody can tell you what to think.
  • Try to help people other think logically, with a lot of patience, but remember some scientific people and some religious people have very strong views, they can only reach their conclusions in their own time.

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