How to Behave in a Movie Theater

Going to the movies with friends or family but don't know how to behave? Scared of doing an act that is considered taboo? Don't fret! The following rules and tips will make your friends and family realize not only that you are very responsible, and that you are actually fun to be with when going to certain places.


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    Offer to help out. When you first arrive at the venue, ask the people with you if they want you to go get their tickets or food/ drinks.
    • When getting your tickets, food, or drinks, remember to be very mature and polite to the person serving you. It will make their day so much better.
    • If you can, offer to pay for your friends or your family's snacks. Even doing this at least once will make it a memorable night for those you have helped.
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    Use the waiting time to go to the bathroom and make any quick last-minute calls. Not only does the sound of your talking irritate anyone near, but the light emanating from your phone might also be irritating, especially if you are watching a 3D movie that requires the use of special glasses which react to certain bright lights.
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    Enter the theatre. While you are walking to your seat, you shouldn't be pushing, running, jumping around, or being loud.
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    Choose a seat. Sit with the people going with you, but if it is too crowded, you can sit somewhere else. When finding your seat, remember to think about those around you. For example: Don't sit right in front of a poor little kid who won't be able to see over your head.
    • Avoid sitting in the spots reserved for the elderly or disabled. Unless you are elderly or disabled, you should not sit there because they are not for you.
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    Settle in. Get comfortable and stay still and keep patient. If something happens, (ex. someone really tall sits in front of you), don't make a big fuss about it and find a way to fix it without annoying other people around you.
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    Respect the proper etiquette. Turn off your phone. Organize drinks and food in your group and show some interest in the advertisements to avoid looking completely bored. Be completely silent unless something is funny during a commercial. Use your best judgement about when to make noise. Remember, sometimes enough is enough.
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    If you need to get up during the movie, silently and respectfully stand up and walk out.
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    Be respectful when the movie is over. Once the movie is over, wait until the lights come on to stand up. You can also clap after it's done.
    • If for any reason throughout the movie you have to leave, just grab everything you need before you stand up. Then get up slowly (not all of the way: just a crouch) and walk to the end of your isle. Walk quietly and sensibly out of the theater. (Don't forget your entry ticket as proof that you have already paid.)
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    Pick up any trash. This is important, even though it may seem like it's not, because it shows that you have the responsibility to take care of your belongings.


  • You can talk to show you are interested, but don't talk too much. Some people prefer watching the movie non-interrupted while others may enjoy a quick chat about the movie's developments.
  • Wait until you leave the theatre to comment about the movie and people in the theatre.
  • If inviting someone that the others don't know, introduce them to each other and avoid awkward silences.
  • Offer to pay occasionally for popcorn, snacks, drinks, or tickets.


  • Follow the rules. Don't film the movie. It is illegal and you could get yourself a pricey fine, or worse: a one-way ticket to jail (in certain jurisdictions). Don't throw stuff at the screen because this could get you kicked out of the theatre. If you are told to leave, don't argue and respectfully walk out.

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