How to Begin Vaulting on Horseback

Equestrian Vaulting is a wonderful sport! It's gymnastics and dance on horseback! It's a team sport and an individual sport and at some levels boys and girls compete against each other. Vaulters come in every size from tiny tot to seniors! It is an outstanding way of boosting your confidence and balance especially if you are a rider. Learn how to vault on the ground first, then move up to vaulting on a horse.


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    Find a vaulting club in your area. Email or call one of the clubs in your area and a coach will contact you. You can't vault without a horse, a skilled lunger, and a coach.
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    Sign up for the list serve in your region and meet other vaulters. The listserves also have info about horses and barrels for sale. A Vaulting Barrel is what vaulters practice on when they don't have a horse, or the horse is tired. It's also a great way to learn skills correctly before you get on the horse.
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    Get a vaulting barrel and some mats.
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    Get some tight leggings and some vaulting shoes. Get your shoes at Pegasus Vaulting Supply--you can order on line.
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    Recruit a friend to come vaulting with you. Unless you live near a club, you are going to want to carpool, if you get into vaulting seriously.


  • You can build yourself a vaulting barrel. Instructions are on the AVA website in external links.
  • To look good up on the horse, you should try to keep your legs straight and your toes pointed forward at all times!
  • There are also many vaulting camps and clinics around the country. You learn a lot from these experiences. Visit club websites and email coaches to learn about them. Vaulters are friendly and welcome your interest.
  • Keep your eyes up! You look at the dirt, you eat it.
  • If you do not live in the US, then try the International Vaulting Associations.
  • If the club is far away, you may only get to vault rarely. If that's the case, try taking gymnastics and dance as much as you can as it will help you be a better vaulter. Practice your handstands!
  • If you want to compete, join the American Vaulting Association. You will also then receive their magazine, Vaulting World. You could also start your own club.
  • Check out the regional competition in your area. They are held in the summer.
  • The American Vaulting Association, site also has cool vaulting pictures and videos.


  • Do not attempt vaulting on horseback if necessary limbs are missing.

Things You'll Need

  • Leggings
  • Vaulting shoes or water shoes in a pinch
  • A trained vaulting horse (or access to one)
  • A lunger/coach
  • A barrel (or access)

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