How to Begin a Workplace Weight Loss Program

Are you a workaholic? Are you simply too busy to dedicate time each day to an exercise routine? Fear not! You can lose weight simply by changing your workplace behavior. Preparing a program for yourself can help you get started. You can even invite others to participate with you!


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    Observe your patterns at work. Do you snack throughout the day? Do you stay in one spot, or ever get up and move around? Most of us are sedentary at work, and quite a lot of us don't eat healthily on the job, either. These are the behaviors you'll need to change, so get started by brainstorming what you're doing wrongly.
    • If you want to get others involved, too, look at overall work environment habits. To do this, make a quick flashback of the day. Were people exercising, or eating right today? Don't point fingers, but think of any overall patterns in how your coworkers approach fitness and healthy eating.
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    Make a plan for food intake. Often, we eat unhealthily because we have to make last-minute eating decisions and end up relying too much on fast food and junk food. This can be especially true at work, where deadlines get in the way of taking a real lunch break. Make a plan for getting healthy meals, and stick to it. You can encourage others to participate, too.
    • Eat a nutritious breakfast at home or work. The first thing you eat should consist of some fruits, a cereal in in low-fat milk or another carb, or you can try a vegetable sandwich made of whole grain or wheat bread.
    • Have a nutritious lunch. If you want to be healthy, you have to continue to eat healthy throughout the day. Try to eat the most nutritious lunch you can, and make a pact with coworkers to avoid fast food joints and processed lunches. You'll be more successful if you hold each other accountable.
    • Pledge to make dinner at home. Although you may be tired from a hard day at work, fast food or takeout won't give your body the food it deserves. By making your own dinner, you now how your food is made and make it nutritional. And you're saving the money that made you so tired at work.
    • Always have a healthy snack on hand. Prepare nuts and other healthy snacks and keep them in an easy accessible place like an office drawer. This keeps you energized, and can help you avoid the vending machines.
    • If others are interested in this diet plan, too, then suggest pooling together to buy some healthy snacks for the office kitchen (or better yet, ask your employer to purchase them, if they're willing).
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    Harness the benefits of water. It hydrates and refreshes you, and it contains no sugar or caffeine, making it a healthier choice than lots of other drinks.
    • Try starting your day with a cup of lukewarm water mixed with a spoonful of honey and lemon juice. This is a good drink you can use for a natural weight loss. Lemon based products help in cleaning the oily utensils and the honey helps by clearing blemishes on the skin. Encourage co-worker's to partake in this morning routine, and explain the health benefits of it. After following this step routinely for 3 months, everyone will feel a difference.
    • Later in the day when you feel like having a cup of coffee, have green tea instead. It's okay to have coffee, but why wouldn't you want to indulge in the benefits green tea provides?
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    Get moving! Try to get some exercise at work, and encourage others to as well.
    • If you can have meetings on the go, suggest a walking meeting around the block with one or two coworkers. It'll give you a little exercise and help you stretch out after any extended time spent at a desk.
    • Use the stairs as much as you can and only take the lift or elevator when your stamina gives up.
    • Ask your employer about getting standing desk or treadmill desks. They can be a great way to work on fitness and posture while doing desk work.
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    Turn it into a real "program." Working to lose weight on your own is one thing, but if you can really get a plan hashed out and get your coworkers on board, too, you can hold each other accountable for sticking to the program. As mentioned above, consider exercising together, pooling your resources to get healthy snacks and meals, and keeping track of your weight loss goals and achievements together.
    • For a little extra competition, you can even pose a weight-loss challenge to your coworkers.


  • Do some healthy and helpful activities during the weekend. This can include stretching, going for a walk, or a workout.
  • A good part of a healthy lifestyle includes sleep. Get your eight hours every day.

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