How to Become Tough

Get stronger and tougher. Specifically there are varying ways of "getting tough" – it is circumstance and mentality that define toughness in terms of being "hard". If you can't generate a certain mentality then it doesn't matter anyway but there are some steps to help.


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    Concern yourself with physical strength. This is easy, dependent on motivation, even without equipment but there are no quick routes, to build great strength you need to put in the work. You do not need weights or special machines, there are enough isometric, poly-metric, own body weight exercises that will build you up. Try, press ups (normal and raised/lowered) sit ups and crunches and swimming and running and dips. Plenty of stretching and shadow boxing/kicking.
    • A prolonged but slightly varying routine will enhance physical strength and by adding on one extra rep a day then so too will stamina and endurance. Add in a random day or two where you try to double your standard workout to really shock the muscles and tune your body to be ready at times for sudden stress and strain.
    • This continued for 12 weeks will see great gains in strength, then to enhance fighting capability you want power on punches and kicks this can be achieved by a variety of poly-metric exercises. Use weights when doing repetitive punches; start off with a 3k weight and do normal jabs and hooks etc. but to the point where you can barely lift your arm then push for 50 more build up like this increasing the weight weekly or monthly. Then find a weight that is heavy but not too heavy to lift then throw it (at a mattress or pile of sand) until you find you can throw it more and more distant. Again increase the weight.
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    Find a partner. Finally on the side of physical prowess perhaps a good idea is to find a partner to train with and against and also to spar with.
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    Be ready to act. In to be tough the mind must be conditioned; if one freezes with fear then strength means little in a violent situation. One needs to act quickly and effectively and without thinking of the what ifs; when you find you have defeated your assailant/s then leave it there and get out of the situation. To change mental capacity then there are two methods:
    • The first being to face situations of fear and confront some other phobias and as you feel that fear repetitively tell yourself "I am free of this fear and free to act as i wish. Then fully immerse yourself in the situation". If you are afraid of spiders, find some go to a place where you can see and touch tarantulas and after repeating a few times that you are free force yourself to touch them, as the feelings come to you like tightening chest sweating sharp ragged breathing panic intense focus on one thing (the spider) force normal breathing and look all around focus on other things relax and be calm.
    • The other methods are to associate actions and words with feelings so try to remember a time when you were confident victorious and powerful, maybe the one time you won a fight maybe a superb achievement, really focus on that and go into every aspect until you feel the pride and power you felt then, tap yourself on the leg or arm as you feel this emotion, then run through the scene again. Every time you achieve something great tap yourself in the same place run through that event then add on to that your newest achievement really feel the emotion, Maybe if you are a karate student do it before you attempt the wood breaking (although only if you are fairly sure of success) then again after you are successful. Then at other times when you get angry think of a word and say that every time you get angry associate all your past an future anger with this word and when calm think of another an associate all calmness with that use it to calm down when angry after having said your "angry" word force the breathing and relaxation to make yourself calm, say your calm word.
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    Put it all together. Now practicing all this will mean that when in a situation of violence when normally you would feel fear or insecurity say your angry word, rage blinds fear and makes the adrenalin work for you then tap the place on your body that makes you feel powerful and confident. Now with the enhanced strength rage, and confidence you should be victorious.


  • This all does not mean you are invincible, it does not mean go out attacking people it means it should help make you more able to manage fear and combat. Also take care when training do not throw weights where others may be or practice any sparring in a dangerous area.

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