How to Become the Prettiest Girl in School

Picture this.. You enter the halls of your new high school and people turn to stare! Have you ever wanted to be constantly complimented? If so, read this article to reinvent yourself before school starts!


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    Shop till you drop!! If you are low on money because you don't have a job, don't give up. Keep looking for one if you are old enough. If your school doesn't make you wear a uniform (which can be cute as well! Look at the girls in Gossip Girl for some cute high fashion accessories that can make your uniform even hotter.), find that one store where the jeans always fit you and you like everything they sell. For a preppier look, go to stores such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Gap, Wet Seal, Aeropostale, American Eagle, and Hollister. For a high fashion look, search stores such as Juicy Couture, Nordstroms, Fashion outlets such as Loehmanns, and Forever21 (A lot of people say that Forever21 is too cheap looking, but if you shop online, a lot of the stuff is more high quality. Jeans are very inexpensive as well.) If you want to achieve that cool scene/emo look, go to stores like Hot Topic. Find that one store!
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    Find a style icon. Hopefully it will be someone famous and beautiful, someone you think always dresses well. If it's Kate Moss, search for her line. If it's Paris Hilton, look through her extensive lines of clothing and jewelry. If it's Blake Lively, search There are countless celebrities out there with styles that are just begging to be brought into your own wardrobe! If you have trouble finding stuff you like while shopping, constantly ask yourself "Would Angelina Jolie buy this?"
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    Create your own image. Follow your unique style! Never wear all one label of clothing, it will make you look totally unoriginal.
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    Be yourself! Don't act fake and be nice to the people around you, but don't be rude either. Being someone well liked at high school means that you're loved by all. So always have a smile on your face!
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    Talk to people! Chances are, the young guy behind you doesn't have the nerve to say something yet either! Compliment someone! Even a "I love that purse!" or "I wish I could do my makeup as good as yours!" will make someone's day! Being popular means being nice!
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    Don't wear a lot of makeup. Save that for the many parties you'll be invited to now that you're popular! You will only need the basic stuff: Concealer (Get something non-comedogenic, so you won't breakout even more, I would recommend brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Bobbi Brown, Nars, or Mac. (Nars is the best place to go for makeup because they will find the foundation and concealer that makes your skin looks FLAWLESS!). For foundation or blush, go to a professional makeup counter to find the right color, because the wrong kind of color can make your face look dirty and tired. For mascara try Covergirl's last blast. For lip gloss try Sephora, YSL Golden Gloss, or Lancome's Juicy tubes. For some light eye makeup, such as a bit of black charcoal liner, and for a very light base color to make your eyes stand out even more, try Bobbi Brown! If you're going out, you can always experiment with smoky eyes, or a bold color of eye liner. Hey sexy!
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    Helping your skin stay clear and beautiful boosts your confidence. Find a good face wash and cleanse your face twice a day. Make sure ALL OF YOUR MAKEUP is removed before you go to sleep, or you'll breakout really badly. Using a toner after your cleanser can help to remove any traces of makeup and impurities. If you have acne, invest in a good acne cream that suites your skin type. Don't let your confidence fall because you have acne, instead treat your skin and try to improve it. Remember, in high school, almost more than 80% of teens breakout, so don't feel too self conscience if you have acne.
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    Always smell fabulous! Make sure people know your signature scent, but please, ONE spray only! No one should be able to smell you coming down the hall. It should be very light, and the only people who should be able to smell the perfume, are the people that are less than a foot away from you. Try to find your signature scent. Ask for samples at your local Nordstroms! They'll be happy to help. Try scents such as, Armani Code, La Perle Charme, Bath and Body Works, Pacsun's signature perfume, No Abercrombie though, Vera Wang's Princess, etc! Use a shampoo and conditioner that smells great!
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    Before you go back to school, exercise! Go to the gym and take a class! Stay in shape and you'll feel more confident about yourself, not to mention that you'll look fantastic!
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    Have good posture. Don't slouch! You might think that people don't look at your posture, but they do! Nothing is more unattractive than someone whose shoulders are slouched forward ALL the time. (Try watching One Tree Hill, and look at the main character, Peyton's shoulders. She's a prime example of a beautiful girl, who could be 10x prettier if she put her shoulders back!)
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    Wax! Hair on your legs or under your arms is a real turn off! NEVER forget to wax! Boys love good smelling, moisturized, and smooth skin! It's better to wax rather than shave: It will last longer and the hair will grow thinner.
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    Get a new hairstyle. Two weeks before your school starts, go get your hair done, girl! Go to a professional salon to avoid looking ridiculous on your first day of school. All the celebs have highlights and lowlights, so why can't you? They're not too expensive, and they make you look much more sophisticated. Bring in a few pictures of a haircut that you like so your stylist knows what you want.
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    Get good grades! Try to spend an hour in the library everyday! It makes you feel good about yourself and you won't be labeled as just pretty.
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    Whiten your teeth. Teeth whitening is something that makes your smile more noticeable and prettier. Even if you can't whiten your teeth then still smile all the time (except when everyone is mourning over something). And bad breath is a total turn-off.)
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    Always remember this (repeat it as your mantra) "I am beautiful, sexy, and smart."'say it everyday, and soon the rest of the world will know it too.
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    Don't sit at the same lunch table everyday. Try to talk to people you haven't met because being popular means knowing lots of people and being liked by mostly everyone. Start with a simple compliment like "Hey, I love your hair! How did you get it so shiny?" Also, make your locker stand out from the rest. It'll make people stop by and maybe ask to use your mirror. It gives you a chance to talk to someone new.


  • Keep a good oral hygiene and show off your smile. If needed, carry some breath mints to keep your breath fresh.
  • Don't get cocky or have a big ego! This is important. Nobody likes anyone who thinks she's better and more important than the rest. Just be confident.
  • Eat healthy food and drink lots water. Water helps to flush toxins from your body, helping keep your skin stray clear. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and take vitamin supplements.
  • Confidence is key.
  • And remember, no matter what anyone says, you are beautiful in your own way.
  • If you don't feel good about yourself then you won't look good so always look your best and take complements well!
  • You may not go down in history as "the prettiest", but people will remember you as beautiful. Be nice too, and you will have a good reputation.
  • If you make others feel good they will think of you as beautiful.
  • Never be mean to people. They will just think that you're being extremely rude and could also spread rumors about you.
  • There are better things to want to achieve than being the most beautiful girl in school.
  • Don't try to over-do make-up. Just keep it nice because you don't want to look like a clown.
  • If you wear foundation to school, be sure to check the weather because rain could spoil the makeup.
  • Curl your hair, and use a range of different hairstyles.
  • You don't need to wear make up to look pretty!


  • Don't act fake. Be yourself and don't pretend to be someone you aren't.
  • Do not touch your face with your dirty hands! If you happen to get a little pimple, it's alright. Use clean hands and q-tips to apply concealer. NEVER pop the pimple, gently and carefully wash your face everyday, twice a day so you don't get more. Disinfect it with a non-alcohol antiseptic and apply a pimple cream to sooth it and prevent any/further scarring.

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