How to Become the Most Popular Girl in Your Class

Two Parts:Being popularBeing healthy and well groomed

So you're sitting in the class. You look around you. You see a group of girls sitting near each other laughing and having so much fun. You're alone at your desk feeling left out. If you want to be and feel as much admired as those girls, continue!

Part 1
Being popular

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    Be nice and smile. No one likes a rude person who is always grumpy. Almost always seem happy. Don't fake it if it's really bothering you. Help others and say please and thank you. Laugh quite a lot and smile when it's appropriate.
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    Be confident. Do not let others take you down. If someone insults you, walk away or talk back. A handy trick is when someone says you're ugly, just say thanks, you too! Also be confident with yourself physically and mentally. If you think you're gorgeous, you're going to look more gorgeous.
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    Make friends. Talk to everyone in your class and everyone out of your class. Share your test marks, laugh about something funny you did, and just start talking to them every day. Don't be picky about friends because this is what mainly causes you to be a loner. Don't be shy but you can be quiet.
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    Be cool. Don't brag and act nice to everyone. Don't try too hard because it will make you seem desperate. Have a nice and relaxed personality. Don't be too perky and loud because these people are annoying. Know all the boys in your class well. Act cool around them and be friends with all, most, or half of them.
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    Know your gossip. Don't back-stab people, but know what's going on. If you are totally clueless about what that girl did the other day, you can't be popular. Don't be a bad drama queen and keep your life bad drama free.
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    Get good grades. Okay, so many people would ignore this step, but it's one of the most important ones. If you get good grades, not only would you get more popular because everyone asks you for help, but it will affect your future. Getting good grades will make your enemies jealous. Try your best in school and focus on it.
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    Use social media. You've seen those popular social media accounts, perfect in every way with perfect holiday pictures, perfect party dresses you know would only work with them and perfect selfies everywhere. You need to manage the pictures on your account to give off a certain idea of yourself to your followers. Popular girls from every school are imitators. They see a type of picture on someones account and do a remake of it so that when you see it you'll think, "that's so pretty, why didn't I think of that?". You will need to make sure the idea you'd like to give off of yourself is given off everywhere, including on social media, creating the illusion of perfection.
    • Look for ideas. Look at the accounts of other popular girls outside of your school and see the styles of pictures they take. What are your first impressions of the person, seeing that picture? Upon seeing one that gives of the vibe you would like to give off, think of a way you can imitate it and then put your own personal spin on it.
    • Don't rush. Fortunately, a habit popular girls seem to have is posting a picture every month or so or every time there is a gathering/party or beach outing. This means you don't have to look great in a picture every day. Just make sure if you know you are going to the beach or a party or an enviable outing that you look good for that day so that you are able to take good pictures then.
    • Editing. You don't have to be a photo shopping expert, but if you can use a filter that will make your picture look better, use it. Remember not to use too heavy or strong a filter as you want to give off the impression that you are naturally beautiful without a filter. At least once should you post a no filter picture to show people how pretty you are naturally.
    • Ideas. Ideas of pictures to post are: Pictures with your best friend, pet, picture of you with makeup and a nice outfit from top to bottom, a mirror selfie, a picture of your hair, a group picture to let people know who you are hanging out with, a picture of you on the beach or in the snow, a video of you singing/dancing to popular music at that time to show off your talent with many party pictures.

Part 2
Being healthy and well groomed

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    Be fit and healthy. Yes, you can still eat candy, chocolate, and chips, but make sure you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables too. Protein and calcium are a must need. If you're a vegetarian, eat foods with protein that don't contain meat. Meat contains more protein though. Exercise every day for at least 30 minutes. Running, yoga, sports, walking your dog, or dance are all good exercises.
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    Be clean. Shower every day and brush your teeth twice a day. Floss once at night. Use deodorant if you're feeling sticky. Wash your hair when it gets greasy or looks lank.
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    Wear cool clothes. Your wardrobe should consist mainly of tank tops, cardigans, jeans, oversized sweaters, leggings, shorts, skirts, and dresses. Make sure you have a good amount of t-shirts too. They don't have to make you look like a model, but they have to make you look good.
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    Have smooth skin. Wash your face every day with a face wash if necessary. Put a moisturizing face cream on it every time you wash it. Do not put Vaseline or sticky body cream on your face.
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    Accessorize. Popular girls care about their appearance, so to make your fashion or outfit even more cute wear some accessories. Don't be afraid to go for a nice long necklace or maybe even five skinny brackets. Even check in magazines to check the popular trends. .
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    Have gorgeous hair. Cutting it short is cute, or if you want long hair, you can do more things with it. It depends on whether you want it short or long. If you want, get some highlights or coloured streaks. Make sure they look good on you. Side bangs and layers are good too. Style your hair in ponytails, up dos, braids, and curls. You could just add a nice headband or clip. Make sure you treat your hair nicely. Shampoo and condition every other day. Only condition your ends because conditioner can make your roots dry.[citation needed]
    • Hair is a massive part of your look. If your hair is naturally straight, straighten it further so that it is perfectly straight and then see the look of shock on other people's faces when you inform them it's naturally that style! If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, you can enhance that too or straighten it if that is what you want, not changing who you are. At school, carry around with you/have in your locker a giant hairbrush so that you can brush your hair is the minimum amount of strokes and time, creating the illusion that your hair is always perfect.


  • If you're going to wear makeup, only wear eye shadow, mascara, concealer and powder, bronzer or a light pink blush, and a red lipstick or shiny lip gloss
  • If you wear a school uniform, just do the accessories and shoes part
  • If you have crooked teeth, consider braces
  • Know all the slang because if someone says some slang and you have no idea what she meant, you're not going to get more popular.
  • The longer one reigns for, the more accepting of your dominance everyone becomes. It is best to start as early as possible, as then you have more time and a bigger advantage.
  • Do you really want this? Are you prepared to make this bold leap from where you are to popularity? It takes a lot of bravery and determination as it is definitely not easy to do or maintain.
  • Do you have the back-up? If you do not have access to money, you might struggle with some of the steps. You do not of course need to be rich, but if you do not have a reasonable amount of money, you may need to try a different article. Also, would your parents care? The last thing you want to do is be grounded all the time so that you cannot attend social gatherings and parties.
  • Are you emotionally ready? This takes a strong minded individual. You do not have to be completely self assured or completely confident in yourself, but if you are still blaming your unpopularity on other people or society, you aren't ready. You need to make sure you know you are the reason for your social status.
  • Tell yourself who you are every day. If there is a certain song that makes you feel beautiful, listen to it everyday. You have what it takes. Find an adjective that represents the person you want to be, for example, fierce, sassy, amazing, queen. You need to know exactly what type of queen bee you want to be. Tell yourself you are that every day and only move on to the next step when you are ready and completely believe in yourself.
  • Parties are a tough thing but are critical to your social career. Not only do you have to face many popular people looking their best, but you have to deal with so many different things you have to get right, the way you look, prepare and act. (Make sure your parents approve of your going!)


  • Don't tell others what you are going to wear. Most of the time when these girls ask what you are wearing, its to brag to you about what they are wearing, so with a few dull descriptive words they will quickly get bored and you can ask them back. Try to always be the one asked.
  • Don't overdo anything.
  • Be prepared for the haters and know it's because they are jealous of you.
  • Don't wear anything too showing for your school dress code. Even if your school doesn't have one, dressing like that looks very trashy, not good.
  • If bullying gets physical, tell an adult as soon as possible.

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