How to Become Successful in Your Career as a Young Woman

The late singer James Brown had it right when he sang the lyrics, "It's a man's world but it wouldn't be nothing, nothing without a woman." Long gone are the days when the working world was just for the men and soon so will the days be gone where upper level positions are mainly populated by the male species. You can personally work on turning this statistic around; here is how to get well on your way.


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    Recognize that life is not what it is. Life is what you make it. Take steps to make your career what you want it to be and in turn, your life what you want it to be. Some women may tend to be a little more passive about taking charge at work. However, if you want to be the boss you have to be forward and do things, such as making your own opportunities if no one will give you one. You'll have put your high-heeled (not too high) foot down and let people know that you mean business when it's time for business.
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    Think of yourself how you want others to think of you. Even if you are not there yet, act as if you are. Some women come to work projecting mom. Not saying that this is a bad thing but let's be honest here, there are no children at the office. That nurturing love is a beautiful thing but it's probably not going to be useful when analyzing monthly production reports. Instead, try to come to work picturing yourself as the CEO, then eventually everyone else will see CEO when they look at you too.
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    Present yourself professionally. If you want to be the boss one day then walk, talk, act, and, most importantly, dress like the boss. Men have it a little easier with dress while women have to worry about things being too tight, too short, or too suggestive. So put a lot of thought into what you wear. Before you leave the house, ask yourself, "Is this what the boss would wear?" Changing your dress affects how your co-workers perceive and treat you.
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    Take responsibility for your issues and others. Bosses don't get to make excuses; only solutions. So when something goes wrong, figure out how to make it right without complaining or disagreeing.
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    Take opportunities. Men may be used to taking on more burdens. As boys, most are brought up to think that they should take responsibility and not complain if something is difficult. Women have to learn to go for open opportunities also, especially if it's the one thing that no one else wants to do.
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    Get to know everyone. Rather than making a few friends at work and then sticking to that group, try to mix and mingle. It's good to socialize but also when an opportunity for a leadership role presents itself, most people will most likely be comfortable with seeing you in the position because they will feel like they already know you.
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    Be direct. Some women may tend to be more nurturing and passive than men, so learn to vocalize opinions, ideas, and suggestions in the work place so that people can see that you are capable of taking charge of a situation or group. (Just be careful not to come across pushy or abrasive.)

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