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Are you tired of feeling down and out? Do you want to feel happy, nicer, and less tired? This just may be the perfect article for you!


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    Start by looking at how you carry yourself! Do you slouch a lot? Do you frown a lot? Are you always distracted? All these things affect how others see you, along with how you see yourself. lets face it- what would YOU think if you saw someone slouching over and yawning in his/her seat? To be positive, you should look positive.
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    Think good thoughts! Don`t judge others or yourself...this only creates negativity, and who wants to be around a negative person? Maybe to get on your good side so they won`t get dissed by you- but really? No one wants a negative friend. Try to come up with a catchy thought that you can think everyday at least ONCE. Something that`ll make you smile, laugh, or just feel warm inside. Ex: "Today is a beautiful and inspirational day" or..."I am love, and love is me" Something like that is not only positive, but true as well. This is very good for your mental and emotional health.
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    Appreciate your friends and yourself! Try this exercise- the next time you get into a fight with your friend, write a list of all the GREAT things about your friend instead of the negative. By reminding yourself of how great your friend really is- you`ll realize that the fight you two just had is not worth risking your friendship. Take the time to say thank you for the little things your friends do for you, and to compliment them sincerely- they`ll appreciate it, and it`ll make YOU feel good inside as well!
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    Show your family you care! Being positive doesn't exclude your family! No matter how much you may hate them at times, you`ll always love them, so take the time to talk to them, laugh with them, buy them things and just say I love you. If you haven`t done this in a while, and you don`t want it to look sudden, slowly work your way in by just talking to them casually. To really influence things, leave little notes of appreciation or kindhearted humor on the table before you go to school (if you`re a teenager) for your parents!
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    Watch what you eat! To keep your energy flowing positively through your body, eating 3 solid meals and having lots of fruits and veggies really DOES help. If you`re not sure how to get a lot of fruit/veggies in your meal, try some V8(they have drinks and soups out that you`ll POSITIVELY love!) It gives you the energy and will power to get through work, school, or just a simple day!
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    Take time off for self discovery! To stay healthy mentally, take a day off from school/work to just hang low. During this time you can meditate, take a nice bubble bath, go to the zoo, or just take a walk to the store around the corner! Simple things=a more positive you.
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    Get a hobby! Once you find your passion and learn about it, it`s even easier to stay positive since you`ll be happy doing it!
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    Relax. Doing things like yoga, meditating, listening to nature, and going for walks really are great for your mind and spirit. Just imagine-being positive will flourish while doing something as relaxing as yoga in an enchanting park or spiritual garden! It`s almost impossible to be negative while doing any of these things because you`re giving your mind time to relax and slow down, letting the simple joys of the day unfold.
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    Make up a song that`ll get you through the day! This works in more ways than one, and even if you don`t believe you can sing or write, it`s still fun to try! Get a blank piece of paper, a pen/pencil and start to write a song about nature, love, religion, or even your prospective on life(a positive one at that)! Make sure everything in the song is positive and upbeat so whenever you`re feeling down you can sing it to remind yourself how great life really is! If you truly believe you cannot sing just remember- anything is possible when you believe in yourself! (and it`s true!)If you feel daring, write a copy of this song and frame it, putting it in your room like it`s a poem! This way, you`ll always be able to see it- no matter what!
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    Study intuition books. These books are highly recommended for someone who wants to start a positive life style because it`ll teach you all about the magical wonders of the human body, mind, and spirit, which will automatically impress and dazzle you to becoming even more positive! One highly recommended book is: "101 ways to Jump-Start Your Intuition" by John Holland. Your intuition is key to a happy life- and by studying it and living by it`s standards, you`ll begin to realize how amazing life REALLY is! (plus we all have intuition as well, it`s like a gut feeling- but once you start to learn about it, it goes so much deeper than that.)
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    Surround yourself with positive people. Join a laughter or meditation class or a nearby yoga club, interact with people who like you are looking for positiveness and attaining it.This will not only improve your inner happiness but make it more enjoyable.


  • Keep an open mind toward religion, philosophy, and people in general.
  • Studying your religion is a great way to build positivity in your life, as long as it`s nothing dark.
  • Always do simple things- like collecting flowers and putting them in a vase, meditating to the sound of a waterfall, painting the sunset, or even just buying eco-friendly makeup! (if you`re a girl) Enjoy the little things and you`ll start to realize how happy you can be and how negative all the over-rated things made you feel!
  • Always be kind to others and treat them the way you`d want to be treated! Before you do or say something bad to someone...just think: 'would I want someone to say/ do this to me?' if the answer is no...don`t do it or say it.
  • Don't try to make ur opponents down try to rise to heights so that they naturally fall under this.
  • Start being more creative! Try painting more, drawing more, writing more, or even just singing more (the shower is a perfect place to do this!) Creativity helps keep you positive in so many ways- the best place to get inspired is to go to an arts and crafts store like Michaels! They sell EVERYTHING there and even more than you thought imaginable! The possibilities with a positive mind are endless.
  • Try going out in nature more and going on vacations. Things like that will always improve a persons health!
  • Keeping a journal is a great idea, and writing down things that are important to you in it are excellent ideas as well. It`s also a great idea to even write your dreams in this journal too!(helps with intuition!)
  • Don`t obsess over material desires. Clothes, gadgets, and money are nowhere near as important as love, friendship, respect and knowledge. Try going to thrift stores more often to get cheaper things (not because you`re cheap, but because you`re not going to obsess over material desires)- and most of the time they`re not bad looking either!! This`ll open you up more to the joy and positivity inside your heart~


  • No one is perfect- we all get upset and angry. yet being positive and being perfect are two very different things- just remember to be yourself!
  • It might not mean a bad thing for some people, but be warned- you might be called a hippie.
  • Things in life always happen for a reason, even if it seems to be something horrible. Always keep your eyes, ears and mind open and be aware that anything could happen to anyone- including you.
  • People may try to B.S. you a lot, but always believe in yourself and have faith you`ll get through any rough times...because most of the time it really works!
  • Don`t let negative people weigh you down- you never have to stoop to their level.

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