How to Become Popular with Teachers

Being popular with teachers - being a teacher's pet, as some might say - has many advantages. Teachers will like and trust you more than the less-liked pupils. You are likely to get better grades, they'll accept your homework excuses, and when it comes time to ask for a recommendation, they'll have plenty of great things to say about you. However, it can be difficult to know where to start if you want to become popular with teachers. Read on to learn how.


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    Do well in school. Your teachers will be more likely to trust you if your grades are good and if you put in the effort to study and complete all your homework on time. Ask them questions, attend tutoring sessions, and show them that you put a lot of effort into your studies, and they will appreciate it and like you more.
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    Pay attention in class. Don't spend the whole class talking to your friends, texting, or sleeping - this shows disrespect for your teachers and their time. Instead, pay attention, ask questions, work hard, and your teacher will be sure to appreciate your efforts.
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    Come to class prepared. Always bring your books, homework, pens and other equipment you'll need, as well as finished and correct homework. Keep your backpack organized and have a few extra pencils and other necessities, to be even more prepared.
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    Bring gifts on appropriate holidays. Bake themed cookies or bring in brownies for Halloween, Christmas, and other holidays. Decorate them with images from the occasion, like pumpkins for Halloween and snowflakes for the winter holidays. Share them with your class, or just bring them for your teacher. If you aren't a good chef, try arts and crafts. Make them a card or try some origami. They really appreciate the thought of a homemade gift.
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    Connect outside of class. Talk to your teacher after class and ask questions that go beyond the material you learn in class. For instance, tell your English teacher that you really enjoyed the book you read in class, and ask for recommendations of other, similar books to read. Share your interests with your teacher and ask about theirs. This will help you establish a relationship that goes beyond the classroom and class material, and will help make your teacher like you.


  • Be sensible.
  • Come prepared.
  • Be kind to others.
  • Work hard and study.


  • This may make you unpopular with classmates, so consider first.
  • Sensible teachers may see through you and get you in trouble.

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