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How to Become Popular on YouTube

Five Parts:Creating Your YouTube NicheCreating Your First VideoUsing Clickbait Techniques CarefullyDeveloping and Maintaining Your Fan BaseSharing Your Videos to Build Recognition

Successful 'YouTubers' are some of the most glamorous people on the internet. Whether they be making videos about games, makeup, or everyday life (vlogs), these are some of the best known people on the internet, earning their recognition for their extensive knowledge in their craft. The more engrossed you are with the culture, the more you may be inclined to join in. The first step is to gain popularity. This article provides some steps for gaining that recognition and to finding yourself among other famous YouTubers in the future.

Part 1
Creating Your YouTube Niche

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    Decide what sort of YouTube account you'll have. Do you upload music videos? Do you make funny videos? Are you going to do tutorials? Are you a stand-up comedian? Do you tell stories? Choose whichever one you like to do. It can just be a mix up of everything also.
    • One way is to get inspired by others. Watch the funniest videos on YouTube. Then think about ways to mix them up, making parodies or remixes. Choose anything you basically love to watch, taking note of what your friends find funny too.
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    Show off your own talents. If you know some dance moves, sing well, can tell a great tale, etc., keep practicing your art to become even better at it. When you feel ready, think about making videos of you showing your friends how to do whatever it is you're excellent at. For example, if it's dance, make a movie about the moves, or create a video dance that is brand new (it might turn into a popular dance if it goes viral).
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    Create your channel. Decorate it however you like, and make it original! Don’t make the text hard to read. Don't use a white background with yellow text, or blue background with purple text. A white background with black text usually works best.

Part 2
Creating Your First Video

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    Create a video with the info you want. If you want to make a tutorial, make it simple and easy. If you want to make a funny video, do random things, and use the jump cut effect.
    • If you make tutorials, don't make them look complicated and hard. Use clear, short instructions and promise that the end result is something anyone can manage.
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    Edit the video. Here is where you ensure the jump cuts. Cut all of the things that you don’t want. Make sure that it looks professional and is easy on the eye and ear.
    • Less is often more. Keep that in mind.
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    Be aware of what tends to catch people's eye when deciding whether to watch a new video (especially from a new YouTuber). Here are some things that may help:
    • The title has to be catchy. Include popular words if possible.
    • A catchy introduction fanfare that you put onto the beginning of every video will make your videos seem more professional and interesting. It also adds to building your brand if you use something that identifies your videos each time.
    • Introduce yourself and to say your name clearly so viewers will understand you. If they like your video and know who it's by (you), they will watch more.
    • Talk with ease, laugh a little at your mistakes. Depending on how interesting they are, you could even make bloopers at the end. Sure people will laugh at you, but you will most likely get a thumbs up.
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    Upload the video. If you're just starting, Windows Movie Maker or iMovie are just fine. You can use more advanced stuff such as VSDC free video editor when your channel becomes more popular.

Part 3
Using Clickbait Techniques Carefully

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    Approach "baiting" carefully. Clickbait is all the methods you can use to encourage viewers to view your video.[1] Use this aggressive tool at a right level: too little will not attract the people and too much will give you a bad reputation. The goal is to promise impressive content to the viewer. The limit is not to promise more than your video actually provides.
    • On YouTube, clickbait mostly concerns the thumbnail and the title.
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    Use the title to spotlight the most notable features of your video. Do not summarize your whole content, only spotlight the most unusual part to make your video unique. It's not important if the title does not describe the entire content. It only cites the reason why the video deserves to be viewed. Example: you have made a ten minute video on body training but at 7:23, you have broken the bar.
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    Use emotional features in your title. To create clickbait, you have to search what makes the people react. People reacts on animals, deaths, births, accidents... If your video is related to this, put the most emotional element in the title.
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    Use shocking concepts, within reason. In the western civilization, most people share common values. A video talking about (not supporting) controversial ideas is likely to intrigue the people, make the people react and make them click on the video. Cite any destabilizing facts mentioned in the video.
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    Use the thumbnail to spotlight the most important features. As with the title, keep the key elements. Choose symbols or iconic images to instantly describe the subject.
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    Zoom to the most important elements. No matter if the thumb is not realistic, it's only a symbolic representation of the content of the video. A thumb is small. The viewer should be able to quickly identify the elements. Example: feature your head and a ball if you are talking about soccer, even if the proportions are not respected.
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    Respect the 180-degree rule|180-degree rule.[2]. As in film making, your thumb should feature people that look at each other, even if the editing is unreal.

Part 4
Developing and Maintaining Your Fan Base

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    Tell all your friends and family. Tell anyone to check your videos out. Also subscribe and send friend requests to a bunch of people on YouTube. Make sure you respect all of your subscribers and answer their comments. You can also use social media sites to grow your fanbase such Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and Google Plus.
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    Don't leave your fans hanging. Once you get a decent amount of views, make and add more content on a regular basis. Make videos focused on you, your friends, pranks, randomness, etc. Or keep building on your original storyline, such as the adventures of your puppy, the learning curve you experience cooking healthy food or the challenges you've set yourself to learn something new.
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    Be persistent and patient. It can take a while to build up popularity and it really is a waiting game. If you think too hard about being popular, it can do your head in and you may give up. Instead, keep persevering, adding quality material and expect more interest in about six to twelve months time. Of course, after a year has passed, if you're not well known despite doing all you can, you need to reassess what you're doing.

Part 5
Sharing Your Videos to Build Recognition

Making the video and setting up a channel isn't enough. You have to market your "brand" too, so that you get known by people beyond your circle of friends and beginner fans.

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    If you have a Google+ account, add lots of people on circles. Then put your videos on and share them around (make sure to have clicked on "to" and clicked on everyone on your list).
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    Send random private messages to people on YouTube. Ask them politely to watch your videos––try to use an exciting reason that will entice them to look.
    • Subscribe to these people; it's an implied way of suggesting they owe you for subscribing!
    • If you personally know a popular YouTuber, ask them to give you a shoutout on their videos.
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    Private message your favorite famous people on YouTube. Again, ask them to watch, subscribe or comment on your videos. If they subscribe, then their millions of followers will see and watch your videos too. This is, of course, a long shot but you never know.
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    Tell everyone you know about your channel. Ask them to help you spread the word to their friends. Don't be a pest doing this though; occasional well placed and polite requests are better than lots of groveling.
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    Make lots of good quality and interesting videos. The more interesting they are, the more people will be attracted to them. And if there are lots, people will start to take you seriously as someone who is willing to keep feeding their interest. Usually, good quality videos are considered to be 720p HD or 1080 p HD.
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    Focus your video content to what is popular. That way, it might be mentioned in popular channels. For example, a channel like Failblog; if you make something that is an epic fail, submit it to FailBlog and with a little luck, you can be mentioned on FailBlog and maybe RayWilliamJohnson!


  • Make sure your videos are unique and up to date. Who knows they may get several views.
  • Don't be fake, just be who you are. Don't get influenced by what other people do as far as changing their personality.
  • Advertise, don't spam. If you have any social media accounts post a link there, and tell people in other ways respectfully. Spammers are generally unwelcome, never popular.
  • Enjoy every minute of filming your videos. If you don't like the way a video comes out, just improve yourself for your next upload.
  • Remember, every popular channel on YouTube was in the same position as you once before. Keep trying!
  • Haters will always lurk in YouTube; accept that they exist but don't give them credence inside your head. Their nastiness is a projection of their own personal problems that they refuse to deal with appropriately. Don't buy into it.
  • Don't be afraid to make a total fool of yourself. If you're funny, people will laugh and want to watch you again.
  • Don't get frustrated if you're not the top guy or gal the next morning. It takes time, patience and self-advertising.
  • A star is someone who acts like it. Show the world that you can be that star image they are looking for.
  • Try to make videos based on popular trends.
  • Collaborate with people who you have talked to. For example, if someone really nice commented on your video, and both channels had similarities, you could form a collaboration once you know each other better.
  • Check your comments, this way you will see whether fans enjoyed the video or not, so you know whether to produce a similar video again or not.
  • Be confident! People won't find your videos good if you're shy on camera.
  • Have a good quality video. Grainy, unclear videos do not persuade viewers to keep watching.
  • Sometimes looking at the comments that people have typed in your video is helpful, because them you know how to improve and what your viewer think of you.
  • Ignore the trolls, but accept constructive feedback to help you improve. Remember, trolling friends may make them mad. That's not fun.
  • Don't sound bored, be happy with what you are doing and be someone you would want to watch on YouTube yourself!


  • Do not post personal information unless you are certain of the repercussions. Keep you street address, phone number, workplace, full name, etc. out of the video. If you are under 18, none of these should ever be included, and do not mention your school or after school activity locations either.
  • Screamers lose fans. If you really must have one, place a warning first, so that viewers can avoid it. But the fact that they need to avoid it should tell you something already... it won't be popular.
  • Be careful in what you say. Avoid any language, imagery or conceptualizations that suggest or outright denigrate people, race, gender, class, etc. Not only is this illegal in many places, it's just plain uncool.
  • Bullying videos are illegal, immoral and crass. Never upload a video that depicts, encourages or praises bullying. Be respectful of every person's dignity.
  • Do not send multiple private messages to other people. This can get them annoyed and it will give your channel a bad reputation.
  • Don't feed the trolls, haters and spitfires. These people are there to stir and make trouble; even if they think they are making useful comments, the hateful manner in which they produce their comments immediately downgrades their commentary to trash. Do not engage. Do not take the comments personally.

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