How to Become Popular but Not too Obnoxious in School

Being the popular person that's not too arrogant or obnoxious is a great way to stay popular. By being friends with everyone and avoiding obnoxious behavior, you'll be someone people trust, care about and support whatever you're going through.


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    Understand what obnoxious behavior consists of. Being obnoxious includes being annoying, unpleasant, offensive, gossipy, rumor-mongering and snobby. All of these behaviors suggest a person who thinks a lot of himself or herself and feels superior to other people. This is a surefire way to put people offside.
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    Realize that you are privileged to be popular. Popularity is hard work, as you must be friendly, considerate, trendy, smart and cultured. Appearance also matters, although it's mostly about good grooming rather than the luck of genetic perfection (a great face with a bad personality won't last). However, despite all this hard work to get your personality to shine, it is still a privilege to be popular because people choose to like you, emulate you and support your popularity. They could just as soon unlike you and stop supporting you, so be humble about your status and remain vigilant about not putting people offside.
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    Avoid being a gossip or a rumormonger. It may be tempting to say bad things about people behind their back––many people love to hear bad tales. However, this is obnoxious behavior and it never takes long to reach the ears of the people you've badmouthed or made fun of. This breeds discontent and at least some people will have an active reason to dislike you.
    • Some people will always dislike you, no matter what you do; it's a reality of personality clashes and you can't please all people all of the time. Nevertheless, you don't need to give people reasons to dislike you.
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    Avoid being anyone's "pet". If you want to be a teacher's pet, coach's pet or anyone else's pet, you risk being obnoxious. Trying too hard to please someone because they are a ticket to something you really want in life (good marks, being on a team, etc.) soon annoys people and causes them to feel resentful. By all means be friendly, transparent and forthright around people you admire but also stay humble and remember that they are in a position of authority or expertise and you are there to learn from them, not capture them.
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    Balance study with the rest of your life. Try not to let popularity lead you to let down your studies or other important activities; plan your social life carefully so that it doesn't become disruptive of the things you need to do at school.
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    Be friends with everyone but trust only your close friends. Be friendly at all times, even when someone is mean or sniping. Show that insults or nasty looks mean nothing to you, even by pretending you haven't noticed them. Keep being nice regardless. In turn, keep your confidences in a close-knit circle only and trust your real friends with care. By using constant outward friendliness to everyone, you'll avoid coming across as obnoxious.
    • Be open to meeting new people. Don't judge books by their covers. You never know where a good new friend might be hiding away.
    • Even with those you dislike, do not trust or have reason to hate, be friendly. Stay calm around them and talk to them like acquaintances. You don't need to like them to be polite to them.


  • Be nice and don't ever turn anybody away from your group.
  • Be nice to the teachers and occasionally talk to them to make you and them have some connection, just in case of an emergency. Then you won't have to worry about being embarrassed or getting in trouble easily.
  • The more friends the better.


  • If you get too popular people might start walking away. Keep it at a medium not at a huge!

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