How to Become More Fluent in English (Simple)

This article is intended to help you speak English more fluently. Trying to learn a new language is hard, and can be even more tough if you aren't around people who speak it.


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    Study the pronunciations of different letter combinations. For example, consider 'ph'. This doesn't sound like you might think based on the pronunciation of p and h separately. Instead, it sounds like an "f". Rare exceptions are usually compound words like haphazard or flophouse.
    • Ph: Makes an "f" sound. Ex: Phoenix (fee-nix. This is just how it is pronounced.) Your top teeth should be on bottom your lip. Your mouth should be kind of open, kind of closed. Now all you have to do is blow gently.
    • Th: One of the most common consonant sounds in English, but can be difficult to describe to speakers of languages where this sound isn't used. Place your tongue on the bottom of your top front teeth and blow gently like you did when you made the Ph sound. Ex: the word The. The "e" in this word can either be pronounced either with a long e (for emphasis) or as a schwa in most other cases.
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    Practice your pronunciation (preferably with a friend who is good at that) so you don't make embarrassing mistakes.
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    If you have to pause between words to work out how to pronounce the next word, stop thinking and speak. Your brain will start working out the similar words automatically.
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    Check YouTube. You get pronunciation advice and you can actually observe how they speak.
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    Watch. You might have been seeing television shows in your respective language but to improve your English you have to see English shows. For starters, you can watch a version of it in your native language first before watching it in English. You can also find TV shows with subtitles, so you know the pronunciation.


  • Read books more often. If you stumble upon words you can't understand, you can always look it up on a dictionary.
  • Try reading some books or novels of your native language and finding the English version of it. That way you can easily understand English.
  • Read books more often. If you stumble across words you do not know or understand, you can always use a dictionary.
  • Don't push yourself too hard.
  • Read internet articles or newspapers in English. Download simple games in English; HOGs (Hidden Object Games) are highly recommendable, as you'll learn a lot of new words.


  • English is a fun language but don't mess it up you just need the correct and appropriate pronunciation not the accent.

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