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How to Become More Confident Around Girls/Guys

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Are you shy, have a lack of confidence, or just a little invisible, according to your crush? Well read on, and this will hopefully help you become more confident.


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    Think About it. What you should do before you try to walk out of your house, dressed in overalls and clowns shoes- which of course you're not going to do, You should examine and think about what you're reading here. I am, as strange as it sounds, a teenager, (probably), just like yourself. Have you had bad experiences in your past life? Maybe you did a dance routine or circus performance once, and had something really embarrassing happen? Like your top fall down, or you tripped on your pants? Did you stand on your partners foot/feet at the school dance last year? Or maybe you just couldn't dance at all, and ended up sitting by the refreshments table the whole two hours? It's okay- Myself and a lot of girls/guys have done it. I mean, bad things happen.
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    Observe People. Now, Next time you go to work, or school, or even downtown.. You have to look at your friends. Ha! Sounds funny- Let me re-phrase that... I mean you have to Observe them. What are they doing? Your best friend is doing what? Flirting with the guys/girls at the skate park ? Throwing popcorn at the girls/guys that are sitting a few rows down from yours at the cinemas? The way I see it, Is you must find out how to act, before you go out and try to actually do it. There is no use in going out and looking like a try-hard in front of your crush, right? Right! So, What do you Do? How do you find out what to do?! Just watch and observe what your friends are doing. You're thinking to yourself- "How can they be so confident?" Well the truth is, Dude... You are just as confident as them. All you have to do- Is come out of your shell.
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    Get Social. Okay- So now you've figured out what makes your friends tick, and how they're so confident. So now, go and join a group. Just like, a sport group, if you into dance, maybe join a dance-studio? Just something social, even just get together with your guy/girl friends after school/work. As long as its social. Even have sleepovers with friends. Get into that mood when your friend says something real funny, and you can't help but laugh and laugh and laugh, till you get to that point where you're about to cry, out of happiness that is. I mean, You could even join the knitting crew if you wanted? HA!
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    NOW Act. Alright- So now, Hopefully you're a little more confident, right? The thing about being confident is having a good attitude and out-look on life. Meaning- If you happy and good to others, then you're going to get happiness and good things back! Kay- Now go outside.... RIGHT NOW! well, Not right now. But in a little while- Maybe after you've read the whole article. Get some friends together, Go to the movies? Ask your crush, as a friend of course, if he/she would want to go to the park with you and some friends?

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  • Try practicing speeches or just talking in front of the mirror.
  • Talk more with your family and even with your dog or cat(pet).


  • DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT become OVER-confident. Because pretty much EVERYONE hates people who are over-confident.
    • (E.g; Strutting around, thinking you're all that, and being extrovert- talking so loud that you get others to listen in on your own conversation.)

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