How to Become Famous Via wikiHow

You can become famous by speaking about wikiHow and your involvement in it. Once upon a time it was said that each person would probably have at least 15 minutes of fame in their lifetime. That trend of thought was prior to the Internet becoming a major part of everyone's lives. Thanks to the Internet that fame can be longer lasting, easy to attain, and remain forever. Our fame can remain long after we ourselves are gone. One way of making this happen is through wikiHow. Read on to find out how.


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    Join wikiHow, just to look around out of curiosity. Stay a little longer, and check out the aspects of what makes this site different from others. Be confused as you try to check out other articles, but feel relaxed as you are welcomed by real people.
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    Read the rules and the policies, and get the courage to do at least one edit on wikiHow. Be bold, and remember that there is nothing that can't be changed on a wiki.
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    Realize that you are no longer just sitting home alone, at your computer. Look around at the names of those on the screen. Read what they say, and how they talk to each other. Realize that you are now a part of a community, and that the people are from all over the world. Get to know the people, and allow them to know you.
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    Write more, edit more, and volunteer to help as needed with the knowledge that every edit you improve will help wikiHow grow into a larger and better, free how-to manual, as stated in our mission. Feel powerful now, as you start editing more, and writing more articles. Watch your contributions grow little by little, and become aware of the 'blogs that headline articles that you started, and see them written in foreign languages. Fall in love with the concept of a wiki, the site, and the people. If your edits and articles are noticed enough, you may also be chosen for adminship.
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    Write many featured articles. Featured article can usually receive over 10,000 views; enough to get many people going to you, the author's, user page. If you write many featured articles many people will view your user page leading to you becoming famous on wikiHow.
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    Be interviewed by a reporter from a newspaper, who is somehow interested in how you got involved with wikiHow and why you volunteer so much of your time to improving the site. Talk to an editor of one of the top three magazines in another country who has also heard about you and wikiHow.
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    Realize once you have become famous, everyone will read what you write. Understand that your name will be known to anyone who happens to read the multitude of how to articles, that help them in either surviving a death, or making coleslaw. Understand that all this came from your being bold, and editing just one article.
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    Walk proudly and understand that this type of fame will last more than 15 minutes. It will last longer than even you last. Your name will forever be on the Internet.


  • Write about things you are familiar with and that you care about.
  • Be determined. Being consistent in your work and willing to improve your writing can go a long way.
  • Read the wikiHow Manual. Read about formatting, and editing.
  • Answer requests for responses to questions sent in by users. It's sometimes more helpful for some readers than writing whatever crosses your head, because, for some people, an article on that specific topic can make a big difference in their lives.
  • Be patient. It takes a while until you get used to the format, and workings of wikiHow.
  • Don't forget that wikiHow is not here to make you famous. It has a mission, and you are supposed to help with reaching that goal. Don't contribute to wikiHow simply for the recognition.
  • Become familiar with more writing styles (formal, informal and everything in-between), since articles for youth require a more informal (but still high-quality) writing style, while articles in the Education and Communications category, for example, require use of very formal writing and must not be written in a colloquial style.
  • Do not expect to learn it in one day. Ask questions, and jot down the responses.


  • Do not try to show off your fame to other people. People will hate you. Of course, you'll still be famous; you just won't be famous for a good reason.
  • Don't try to "fudge" the facts. Be truthful no matter how controversial it is. Be careful though because anyone can see it.
  • If you try too hard, it may be noticeable and people will be turned off by what you have to say. You may be considered a poser.
  • Fame doesn't come fast, so be patient! It may take weeks, months, or even years to become famous.

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